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Update—DMartyr has discovered that Newsweek is apparently suffering from a lack of geographic knowledge, to boot.

Why is it that all of the smart newsmagazine editors in the world seem to have such a hard time identifying Israel as Israel?


Apparently, the Age of Obama has unleashed all kinds of self-loathing potential amongst our Soviet bretheren in the press. Is there any particular policy that Newsweek would even remotely think of presenting the American view of?

Apparently, Newsweek has seen fit to publish an article on why Americans need to "get used to" life with radical Islamists.

Which, if you think about it, makes perfect sense. After all, it is Newsweek editors and Islamists that are two of the biggest groups on the planet who have a tendency to shout Death to America all the time. Except that the former is most likely to be out of business in the coming years.

A pity, really. Think of all of the quality agitprop the Islamists will be missing out on.

Anti-American treachery: The tradition continues.
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#1 William Teach 02-Mar-2009
Damn, those two on the left are good. And, really, I could believe they could happen with todays media.
#2 DMartyr 03-Mar-2009
Brian! Look at the map!

I updated your post here:

If you want to combine them, go ahead.
#3 DMartyr 03-Mar-2009
On the bright side...

Newsweek told us to live with Nationalism, we defeated the Nazis.

Newsweek told us to live with Cuban missile off our coast, we defeated the Russians.

Now Newsweek tells us to live with radical Islam...

Is anyone else noticing a pattern here?
#4 Brian C. Ledbetter 03-Mar-2009
Heh, in case it wasn't already self-evident, the leftmost two Newsweak covers above are my parodies of the one on the right. :)

#5 DMartyr 03-Mar-2009
Lol, I figure that out a few minutes ago looking at the full size.

But when I wrote the above, looking at the smaller image, I thought they were old covers.

You did a great job on them!
#6 Moonbattery 04-Mar-2009
On behalf of the Marxist it installed in the White House, the establishment media has outlined the new policy toward dealing with radical Islam, the proponents of which promise to do much worse than 9/11 once they inevitably lay their...
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