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Newsweek Labels Israel "Palestinian Territory"

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UPDATE [Brian]: I just got word from DMartyr that Newsweak has silently corrected the map in question. No admission of error, no correction, no nothing.

Welcome to the New Soviet Era, my airbrush-loving friends.


FINAL UPDATE [DMartyr]: As Brian mentioned, Newsweek quietly changed the map without acknowledging the egregious error. The pop-up now shows the Palestinian Territories properly.

Some of you may wonder why the incorrect display was such an issue. It is a major issue, as I see it, for one of two reasons - either the Newsweek editors are ignorant of basic Middle East geography or they have an agenda.

If ignorance was the cause of the error, how can we trust the reliability of the article "Learning to Live with Radical Islam"? If they can't even differentiate between Israel and a Palestinian Territory on a map, what makes them credible when it comes to the complex nature of Islam? (And I won't even go into the inconsistencies, fallacies and misstatements within the article.)

If they have an agenda - if the map 'error' was some sort of political statement - then the article accompanying the map should be immediately discredited as a product of biased reporting.

At best, Newsweek lacks the knowledge to attempt to educate readers on Radical Islam, and at worst, the article is propaganda. Either way, Newsweek has demonstrated a lack of integrity in this matter, and that reflects on the organization as a whole.

Thanks to all who helped spread this post. Your support, as always, is greatly appreciated.


I see Brian is on the ball with the story about Newsweek's latest cover. The dhimmis at Newsweek suggest how to 'live' with radical Islam. I'm assuming that's not an inside joke, and that in 'live' they mean accepting as a part of life, as opposed to mocking victims of Islamic terrorists.

I could be wrong there.

But Newsweek online also includes this interactive map. If you mouse-over the 'Palestinian Territory', you get this:

(Click for entire screenshot)

FYI, that's a map of ISRAEL, not Palestine.

Hmm, now I'm starting to believe that 'live' is a bad dhimmi joke...

(Hat Tip: Avid Editor's Insights)
(Cross-Posted at Al Salibiyyah)


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[UPDATE] Infidel Blogger's Alliance not too long ago posted The Evolution of an Appeaser. It included a list of failed strategies that ultimately led to WW2:

When I initially read this, I optimistically thought us between stage 4 and stage 5. It seems Newsweek would leap straight to stage 7...

[UPDATE 2] Elder of Ziyon also notes the picture of Egypt includes Gaza.

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#1 Brian C. Ledbetter 03-Mar-2009

Absolutely [i]awesome[/i] find, y'all!

#2 The Colossus of Rhodey 03-Mar-2009
... at their very own online "interactive" map. Which I guess sorta makes sense since their cover story this month is about "living with radical Islam." Snapped Shot has a screen capture. Unbelievable....
#3 Warner Todd Huston 03-Mar-2009
I don't know if Newsweek is as eager to be rid of Israel as "The State of Islam" is these days or not, but on its interactive online map of the mid east, the news mag is featuring a map of Israel labeled as "Palestinian Territory." Once you...
#4 daveinboca 03-Mar-2009
I'll bet a an anti-Semitic wonk in the Newsweak back office crafted this little bit a emotional IED.
#5 daveinboca 03-Mar-2009
I'll bet a an anti-Semitic wonk in the Newsweak back office crafted this little bit of emotional IED.
#6 Spondulix 03-Mar-2009
Strangely enough, Israel has never been safer or stronger. Before you startle at that, consider the following:

* No military threat exists from any of the nation states near Israel. Compare that to 1973

* The Palestinians have split themselves. Israel no longer has to worry about appeasing demands for access between two parts of one Arab state, but is now able to deal with to separate political entities

* The recent wars have not reruired Israel to call up reserves - it was performed by the regular army

*The Israeli economy, powered by its success in high technology, has never been stronger.

* Iran is a political challenge - not a military one. With over 200 20kt fission bombs at its disposal, and the means to deliver them, Israel is capable of destroying the Iranian nuclear threat. What political constraints exists is a separate issue and I don't believe I can address that adequately here

*Return to power of Netanyahu bodes well for a consistently firm response. Negotions are discredited, and Israel expects nothing from the current US administration

* Much is made of the multi-billion dollar defense subsidy Israel receives from the US. Note that if Israel decided to follow an Eisenhower-Dulles strategy, it could dispense with the US aid and do well on brinksmanship.

That's my squint on matters - here's looking at yours.
#7 Luisa Da Silva 03-Mar-2009
Of course there is no military threat from any of the nation states near Israel: West of Israel, you have Egypt that takes $3B a year from the U.S. to shut up while the Jews are killing its brothers, then you have Jordan who's King is a puppet of the U.S. (his mother is American anyway), Lebanon who is divided by the U.S. to weaken the country. You are left with Syria. Russia few months ago had plans to sell arms to Syria. Olmert went to Russia to beg Mednedev not to sell missiles to Syria. The Arab League is good for garbage being divided by the U.S. Now, if U.S. decides to mind its own business, not to fall under the Zionists'pressure and cut subsidies in the region, yes Israel will disappear. I know that Netanyahu wants to expand the settlements in West Bank (which is illegal) there will be no peace. I don't really think that Israel wants peace, it prefers stealing land illegally and wait for the consequences. And then you call the Palestinians terrorists for claiming their lands (stolen) - I really wonder who is the real terrorist here.
#8 James 03-Mar-2009
What i hate most about the *arabs* is some of their women might look good under the layers of clothes and brainwashing. But they lie. more often than jimmy carter on crack about peace, apartheid, and whos blockading who in the Jewish ghetto of the Middle East. Or maybe the Pope will be an honest broker and tell us otherwise, about how the *jews* have a conspiracy, and leverage that everybody hates the jews(newsweek cnn time nyt, who never reported hitlers antisemitism while it happened even one syllable i saw the slides in public lbrary to prove it, show the feelings of the masses).
#9 Electronic Intifada 03-Mar-2009
The once oppressed Israelis have become the oppressors. Ofcourse the Palestinians are firing rockets. We would too if our country was being blockaded and attacked at will by by a neighboring country who keeps stealing our land.
#10 Diane Lavine 03-Mar-2009
Let's not forget who was there first. No one seems to know their history - the Mosque is builing on the ruins of the TEMPLE. When you drive a people out of their home land as the Jews were driven out of Palestine - you have to expect them to come back one day and reclaim their homeland - Israel is the traditional home of the Tribes of Israel - Temple there before Mosque -
#11 michelle 03-Mar-2009
luisa, you think the king of jordan's mother is american? no wonder your rant makes no sense! it's too bad you aren't better educated. hahaha! no israel will not disappear and let me ask you something? if you sold your old car or house for a fair price, would you sue later claiming it was stolen? that's what the palestinians are doing right and left - try showing up in israel and finding out for yourself. your ignorance is as sad as the author of this piece. newsweek's writer is certainly more pro-islam than one might expect, certainly more defensive of islamic fundamentalism than seems reasonable for mainstream u.s. media, but he does NOT call israel 'palestinian territory' - look at the article, the map and think again. i live in israel - you need to learn your geography. he listed palestine, within israel, correctly, as palestinian territory. you got me all riled up for nothing. do your homework, lazy americans, falling for this crap!
#12 A non-issue 03-Mar-2009
People, the text desribed was for the Palestinian territories. The image of Israel just got put in its place. This is a simple coding error. If you think this is anything more than that you are incredibly foolish.
#13 antibush 03-Mar-2009
If you believe countries in the 20th or 21st century should be formed by ethnic cleansing (like the Nazis believed or Israel believes), if you believe in religious states (like Iran or Israel) rather than secular states, if you believe innocent civilians don't matter when fighting your enemies (like Al Qaeda or Israel in Gaza or Lebanon), if you believe in collective punishment (again like the Nazis or Israel in Gaza), then you should give your full support to Israel.
#14 Jack Parsons 03-Mar-2009
The info is from the Hudson Institute. This is one of the right-wing think tanks like AEI, Cato Institute, etc.
#15 Avid Editor 03-Mar-2009
Wake up "A non-issue", I think this was a deliberate attempt. Good Job DMartyr for not letting News Week get away with further lies to its readers.
#16 S. Singer 03-Mar-2009
If Israel followed an Eisenhower-Dulles strategy, it would have ended their incursion into Gaza more rapidly. Without the annual US subsidy of 3-5 Billion, the Israeli economy would be in ruin.
#17 be stoha 03-Mar-2009
hey experts! in a few words,
whats the difference between those isras and palests? both violate prepuce and stomach, live in the same spot and believe in some old and backwards religo. yet everybody thinks they are as different as barack obama and penguins. help me catch up
#18 OLIVE GROVE BOOKS 03-Mar-2009
Publisher’s Note: Our author had it right in 1987, but could not be published because they said the events he predicted could not possibly happen. Well, they did, and we finally published him when we discovered the manuscript. Mr. Spirko tells us that President Obama’s motive for trying the peace initiative is that this is probably the last chance for peace in the Middle East before a catastrophic World War III event takes place. Spirko says, “It is never too late for peace.” Most of the ideas that are being used at Annapolis and the continuing peace talks are from Spirko’s book.

(Jpeg book cover available at, or

SAN FRANCISCO - THE PALESTINE CONSPIRACY, a genre spy-thriller by Robert Spirko, was fourth on the best-seller list at Atlasbooks, Inc., a national book distributor. Ingram Books is the worldwide distributor.
Spirko, a financial and geo-political analyst who has given his advice to the National Security Council, turned his attention to the Middle East in 1987, after discovering several common elements related to the Middle East question. He wrote down his analysis, and when he was finished, he not only had a solution to the quagmire, he had a story to tell. THE PALESTINE CONSPIRACY foreshadowed the Persian Gulf War by three years, and the resultant Iraq War followed by the Sept. 11 attack.
“Everyone tells me there will never be peace in the Middle East, but I tell them they are wrong. Israel and Egypt have had a peace treaty for 29 years. Jordan and Israel signed a peace agreement 14 years ago. A Palestinian State can be created. It can be done and it will be done,” Spirko reiterates. “Twenty-nine years of peace is better than 29 years of war.”
Spirko has given his advice over the years to the National Security Council including the 2000 Camp David Peace Talks under President Bill Clinton.
“We’re not talking about a serpent-tongued, false prophet who will negotiate this peace between Israel and the Islamists, it will be done by a U.S. president and those parties involved in the peace process who will finally achieve it through hard work, tough compromises, and by making specific decisions fair to both sides to agree to end the violence once-and-for-all – by those leaders who want a future for their children,” Spirko says.
“Besides, Israel wants a Palestinian state now, too.”
“In the end, both sides need to address security concerns, reparations and building moral and economic trust. We all report to the same God, whether we call him God, Jehovah or Allah,” he says.
Spirko's key ideas at the 2000 Camp David Peace Talks were to make Jerusalem the simultaneous capital of both Israel and a Palestinian state with congruent borders - one precisely overlapping the other - using two maps - one for the Palestinian state and one for Israel. The city would become an international, undivided open city for people of all religions to visit and the municipality would be governed by a city council of equal Palestinians and Jews with God, Allah or Jehovah as the central sovereign. The Knesset and Palestinian authority would then govern their respective states from that dual capital. In effect, Jerusalem would become a governing district much like the District of Columbia in Washington, D. C. This idea won traction at the 2000 Camp David Peace Talks and was virtually agreed upon, but where the talks broke down and failed was when both sides capitulated to pressures from their own political factions over right of return and reparations. Mr. Spirko has an idea to solve that problem also.
Spirko’s book is available though area book stores or on the web at, and The novel is a mass market paperback produced by Olive Grove Publishers, and can be purchased at area bookstores through Ingram Book Group, New Leaf Distribution, and Baker and Taylor, priced at $14.99, ISBN 0-9752508-0-9. THE PALESTINE CONSPIRACY can also be ordered on the web at, or email orders from: [email protected], or from Barnes & Nobles, Border's, Dalton's, & Follett bookstores at colleges and universities, WaldenBooks,,, and other popular retail bookstores. Or, readers and store managers can call 1-800-BOOKLOG, or 800-247-6553 direct, to order.
#19 matt the wise. 03-Mar-2009
If what you say is the case , then 90% of the countries today can not claim it as their own becase it always belonged to another culture/ethnicity.
#20 Puneet Madaan 03-Mar-2009
Why Malaysia, Somalia and Sudan are missing from the map ? is it part of stage 3 ?
#21 kerpin 03-Mar-2009
If you're an ignoramus like 'antibush', then your opinions count for nothing, and you should give your support to an educational institution.

Some facts 'antibush' is obviously not aware of:
1. Most Western countries were created by 'ethnic cleansing'. That includes the US, where you live. So when are you packing up and leaving?
2. Israel is not a 'religious' state. It's the state of the Jewish people. In fact, the only state they have, while the Arabs, for example, have over 20 states. Most Israelis are secular, and haven't seen the inside of a synagogue in years. Israel is also home to hundreds of thousands of Muslims and Christians.
3. AlQaeda doesn't believe "innocent civilians don't matter"; rather, it targets them intentionally. It carries out suicide bombings of women and children, as does Hamas. Killing of innocent civilians should be avoideded, but there's a world of difference between this and civilians being caught in the crossfire of a military campaign.
#22 Reason 03-Mar-2009
Everyone should read Deceptions and Myths of the Bible by Lloyd Graham and your whole perspective on life will change. I have seen it on Oh, except Hilter it will be too much for him or her to understand.
#23 Rick 03-Mar-2009
Instead of such mistakes, why does not NW write about state sanctioned racism against the occupied and recent war crimes there.
#24 Lichtman 03-Mar-2009
Funny how Israel is always called a racist state despite the fact that Israeli Arabs have more rights than any other Arab in the middle east. And I guess the countries of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Gaza/West Bank are just filled with people of all religions -- NOT. Jews are not allowed or are badly abused. Why aren't any of these countries described as racist? With Bibi in power, the Palestinians will finally get what they deserve: a war for their survival, which means they will be killed. War is fun when you can hide in women's clothing inside the basement of a hospital; not so much fun when you have to be killed by an IDF bullet. The Islamofascist creep that occurs throughout the world will be limited soon - and then Iran will be next. God is so good! I will be dancing in the streets handing out candy to children when Israel bombs Iran.
#25 US Citizen 03-Mar-2009
Talking about Arab ladies? Don't you know the jews are most liars and treacherous amongh the humankind, they don't become friend and faithful with others except jews? Don't you know that the forefathers of jews were converted to cursed monkeys and pigs due to their perpetrations? fucking jews vaginas are stinky than rest of the human kind. Trust me, jews and israel will disappear from the world soon, wait for that calamity.
#26 BEN GAFLEH 03-Mar-2009
The idiot who wrote the comment about selling a used car and then sueing for unfair trading and using it as an analogy of what happened to Palastinian land needs to have his/her head examined. You terrorise , starve, massacre and then you offer an ultimatum take this and sign the land away or we will anhilate you, sounds familiar to Americans?, should, ask the Soux and the Apache , they remember (you shouldnt be surprised you are supporting the same tacticts some thousands of miles away, kindered spirits), how would you have responded if Hitler had survived and supported Stalin's Progroms? You should also ask the same question to the idiot who dissed you caused most probably his/her parents came from the Ssoviet to do fair trading for the Palestinian land. As for Islam , too bad , while you are preparing to go to Mars and the stars it would appear that you dont even know the aliens around you, no wonder the Israeli called you stupdid Americans. By the way note that , that idiot lumped ALL Islam together (as he/she thought or hoped subtely). As for religious freedom , would you dare tell the Amish or Quackers how to worship? As far as the Saudi family practising 'some animals are more equal than others' is because you have 20000 of your sons and daughters tucked away in the desert somewhere ready to die for them, remember they and the Bin Ladin family own the Carlyle Group, thats why Bush and Cheney sent you kids to die for their masters. If Muslims target them dont weep , they are fair game , or as you like to euphemistically put it , they are 'military targets, amphasis on 'military' NOT human. And finally, PLEASE PLEASE , the world already knows that Americans are less than wanting when it comes to the IQ , do you have to go and advertise it by quoting and institution that says that the Muslim Broterhood is a radical movement , when it knows that when Nasser was imprisoning and killing them while he was friends with the Soviets the CIA was funding and courting them, now they are radicals? I admit your ignorence is legendary, but this guys, takes you from the sublime to the never never land.
#27 BEN GAFLEH 04-Mar-2009
This is for you dimwits who go around yelling 'Al Qaeda says there are no innocents'. Lets get one thing damn clear here, I DO NOT SUPPORT OR CONDONE what Al Qaeda is doing so you RENDITION guys stay away from me and my family. This purely an atempt to try to explain why they would think like that , here goes. Remember the phrase YOU so arrogantly coined '' GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION ?''. Well its come back to haunt you, you go about around the world shoving it down billions of peoples' throats that you are the epitome of democracy and freedom and you parade your people as fee thinking and free speaking and most importantly free choosing examples to the world WHILE DENYING THE BILLIONS THE RIGHT TO DO THE SAME !! by supporting and proping up your palntation slave overseers like the Saudis (see above), and this is done because your 'free choosing' people choose the monsters who will do this every four years without regard to what happens to the billions around the world as long as they get to flip their burgers and watch the Sunday baseball game and Monday night's football. Totally oblivious to the fact that your rendition people are running around the world in lear jets snatching up people from their families, send them to their propped up dogs to be tortured, waterboarded, electrucuted and killed, without as you so eloquently put it 'DUE PROCESS'. Remember guilty but association?. By the way ever wondered why this Monster Bin Lading has never hit the countries around Saudi Arabia which are practicing everything Al Qaeda considers anti-islam? Could it be because the people themselves have no say so in what happens thanks to your watchdogs (protected by your kids)? Remember 'WE HOLD THESE TRUTHS TO BE INELIENABLE.....etc''.
#28 Tel-Chai Nation 04-Mar-2009
Snapped Shot presents a picture of Newsweek's latest bizarre anti-Israel propaganda
#29 BEN GAFLEH 04-Mar-2009
Everytime I think I have responded to all the stupid responses another one pops up. Like this one from Spondulix or whatever the real name is. Here's a question for you 'Spondimwit' , do you think with the world's eighty percent energy supply coming from that area (where does Israel get it oil bytheway?), they would let Bibi nuke Iran ? Remember as Travolta said it in 'Broken Arrow' . The entire region will become a quiet neighborhood for the next ten thousand years, (fallout you know and all that stuff). Besides these pesky 'emerging economies China and India do really need their fuel (read it will help you from sounding so stupid), and they do have a lot of their people working the drilling wells,(collateral damage and all that bs). You can be arrogant and contemptuous of the Arabs (God knows they deserve it), but slumdog millionear India has got its own nukes; besides whos to say The MULLAHS dont have a dirty bomb tucked away somewhere already, they did promise that if they are attacked no oil will flow from that region for a long long time, and you can bet they have learnt their lesson from the idiot Sadam so they know how to do it right.
Just a piece of trivia, did you know that in the Indian language (Hindi) Bibi means Lady, so when is he coming out?
#30 antibush 04-Mar-2009
1. In the "enlightened" 20th century I believe Israel is the ONLY country that was created through ethnic cleansing. Others tried, including Nazis, Serbs, and South African apartheid to an extent, but none succeeded in the end.

2. I believe Israel is the only country in the world (at least for centuries) that was founded based on religion. It's the whole reason for their existence and why the needed to separate from the Palestinians in 1948. Pakistan and India agreed to split themselves based on religion, but Palestinians never agreed to leave their homes. Remember there were just a few thousand Jewish people living in Palestine up until the 1920s. As far as it was Jewish land 2000 years ago and it should be returned, I guess most Americans should vacate the USA and be homeless and nationless in some refugee camps somewhere and return the USA to the native Americans. Afterall, they were in charge until just 200 years ago.

3. Israel has a long history of specifically targeting civillians. For example, as the invasion of Lebanon was winding down and just hours before agreeing to a truce, Israel dropped cluster bombs in orchards that they knew would kill and maim women and children and innocent farmers for months, exactly as happened. The Israel military under Sharon's command in 1982 allowed Phaligists to massacre hundreds of undefended Palestinian women and children in the Sabra refugee camp after Israel had eliminated the defenses of the refugee camp. In Gaza many independent groups claim Israel specificaly targetted civillians, but absolute proof is difficult because of Israeli control of journalism in Gaza. I believe that so far in 2009, Israel has killed more women and children than al Qaeda has.

The biggest sick joke is what right did Israel have to evict most of the Palestinians from their homes and "imprison" them in Gaza and West Bank and Lebanese and Jordanian refugee camps, and what right does Israel have to prevent these people from having a country, as Israel with US help has done for 60 years.
#31 antibush 04-Mar-2009
My above post was in response to kerpin.
#32 busywolf 04-Mar-2009
Jesus Christ! DMartyr, Brian, please warn your visitors to take their anti-emetics before reading this thread.

On the other hand, well done! You must be doing something very, but OH SO VERY, good to be attracting such a spectacular amount of IQ-deficient vitriol!
#33 busywolf 04-Mar-2009

Brian, what do you mean you server is made of Swiss cheese? Can't you guys afford a little Parmigiano Reggiano, you know, with the hopenchange changes being inflicted on you?
#34 DMartyr 04-Mar-2009

See what happens when you leave us without supervision?

#35 kerpin 04-Mar-2009
antibush -
1. Most Palestinians fled Israel after they started a war, thinking they could throw all the Jews into the sea, and then failed. They lost, too bad for them.
In any case, how do you explain more than 1 million Arabs living in Israel today? If Israel wanted to ethnically cleanse the area, it would have gotten rid of them 60 years ago.
2. The Jews are a nation, not just a religion. Just like the Swedes have a country, the French, and the Russians, the Jews also have a right to a country. It doesn't matter, to be honest - you can rant all you want, Israel exists so you'll just have to suck it up.
And your point about the US doesn't exactly work in your favor - just like no one expects all Americans to move back to Europe and give up the land to the native Americans, the Jews in Israel aren't going to move anywhere.
3. "Absolute proof is difficult" - too bad for you, there is no proof.
The main reason the Palestinians don't have a country is because they're a divided people, unable to rule themselves and live in peace with their neighbors. And because all their Arab "friends" use them as a pawn against Israel. But you can continue living in your fantasy world...
#36 busywolf 05-Mar-2009
Despite complaints about Jewish female genitalia, Arab men seem to be fascinated about it and can't stop dreaming about Jewish brides. And are willing to pay a steep price to gain permanent access to said fragrance.

"I'm asking for your help. I would like to meet an Israeli woman for marriage purposes," Abdullah, a resident of Saudi Arabia, said in a recent letter to the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem.
"I have heard that the Israeli women are very smart and beautiful," he added. "I'm ready to pay a dowry of camels, herds or even money. Please help me.",7340,L-3681015,00.html

Fox still dreaming about sour grapes. Heh!
#37 DMartyr 05-Mar-2009
Unfortunately for Abdullah, Israeli women don't whore themselves like women in muslim countries do. Or should I say, their families don't pimp them...

But deep in the muslim mindset, I think its more about turning Jewish women - or any non-muslim woman - into a muslim. In islam, the man of the marriage controls the religion. That's why it is acceptable for a male muslim to marry a non-muslim, but illegal for a female muslim to marry a non-muslim.
#38 busywolf 05-Mar-2009
That may be so, DMartyr. Still a Jewish bride is a coveted trophy given the Jews' addiction to their, well our, religion throughout our not so always fortunate history. Since Jewishness is a maternally-transmitted "condition", one might expect Jewish women to be a little less picky in choosing the right father for their offspring. And although Jewish women have been known to marry Christians, they have traditionally steered clear of Muslims.
"Smart and beautiful women" would rather not be traded for camels, burqa-ed and turned into an exotic addition to a harem. In Saudi Arabia. Or Iraq. Or similar. :D
#39 antibush 05-Mar-2009

1. The Palestinians fled because they were threatened with death. When people's homes are threatened they do tend to fight, but the Palestinians didn't "start" the war, they had been under attack for years.

2. The Nazi's had Russians and Poles working in their factories in Germany too, but they still planned to exterminate them. While I won't accuse Israel of wanting to exterminate the Palestinians, the Palestinians in Israel are only tolerated as a small powerless minority. The past ethnic cleansing is a fact, as a second class citizen. If some Israelis have their way with the allegiance oath (another tool for ethnic cleansing), alot more Palestinians in Israel will be forced out, more homeless refugees.

3 The past Israeli targetting of civillians in Lebanon and the Sabra refugee camp are proven.

4 There are ONLY 2 reasons in this world that the Palestinians have no state; 1 Israel 2 the USA.
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