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Good News: Public Schools Teaching King-Worship!

I could've sworn that the "bad old days" of worshipping the Man on the Throne were pretty much gone after the American Revolution.

Who would've guessed that the nation that defined itself by throwing off the royalty of the past would so easily return for more?

‘Obama rap’ draws complaint from parent
By Julie Hubbard

When Chase Drew’s second-grade son came home from Alexander II Magnet School with a permission slip asking the child to memorize an “Obama rap” for a Black History Month program, Drew got upset when he read the lyrics.

One verse asked that troops be brought home from Iraq. Another line sought lobbying for health care.

“If it was we’re celebrating a new president, fine,” Drew said of the lyrics. “They’re putting politics into it.”

He didn’t allow his son to participate in the rap during a Feb. 25 assembly at the magnet school.

And people wonder why we're graduating students who place in the bottom ranks of the entire world.



#1 Nigel 03-Mar-2009
Putting aside the ridiculous worship aspect of this...

...we're teaching our kids to RAP now?

The dumbing down of our kids in public schools continues...
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