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Our Post-Racial World: Whitey, Go Home!

Who would've guessed that the same people who have brought utter ruin to one of America's greatest cities would be some of the most "tolerant" people on earth?

Nowhere is Michigan's brain drain on greater display than in the Detroit City Council chambers.


Speakers advocating for the deal were taunted by the crowd and cut short by Council President Monica Conyers, who presided over the hearing like an angry bulldog; whites were advised by the citizens to, "Go home."


A pitiful Teamster official who practically crawled to the table on his knees expressing profuse respect for this disrespectful body was battered by both the crowd and the council.

When he dared suggest that an improved Cobo Center would create more good-paying jobs for union workers, Conyers reminded him, "Those workers look like you; they don't look like me."

Desperate, he invoked President Barack Obama's message of unity and was angrily warned, "Don't you say his name here."

O, ye sorry whirlwind that we have reaped.

As a bonus mind exercise, see if you can imagine how quickly this incident would have been FRONT PAGE NEWS if it took place in Topeka, Kansas, and the racial roles were reversed.

Is this really the Brave New World that we've chosen for ourselves?



#1 captainfish 05-Mar-2009
Wow... how similar is that to the expressions Muslims give?

How non-muslims are not allowed to say allah..... how disrespect is given to people not of their clan.....

And you are exactly right Brian. This would have made international news had the roles been reversed. They would have claimed that not all racism has been excised even with Obamassiah's rise to power. That there are stil hold-overs to the bygone days of hatred.

Too bad, that my last statement is true, but for the other way around.
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