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IDF Soldiers Have Good Aim

Those dastardly fellows in the IDF, all of whom I respect and admire, have created quite an international incident. It would seem that they've fired across an international border, which is an outrage! of proportions totally unequaled—at least, if you were to believe the fire and brimstone press, that is.

Of course, when one looks at what the soldiers were aiming at (Daylife link pending), well, you just can't help but to agree with the mindless media demonization of the Jewish State, now can you?

UN soldiers inspect bullet holes on a mural after an Israeli soldier patrolling along the border with Lebanon opened fire in the southern Lebanese village of Adaisseh. An Israeli soldier patrolling the border with Lebanon opened fire at a pro-Hezbollah mural painted on a wall at the entrance to a Lebanese village. (AFP/Ali Dia)

Update: For the record, I "predicted" an incident like this more than two years ago. And the IDF went and out-awesome'd my predictions by leaps and bounds.

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#1 DMartyr 03-Mar-2009

And to think I supported the IDF! How dare they shoot at inanimate objects!

(What a waste of bullets.)
#2 captainfish 05-Mar-2009
ummmm.. those are certainly LARGE bullet holes. Would that be 50 cal??
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