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New Breakthrough In Science

FoxNews brings us this scientific breakthrough:

Georg Steinhauser, a young, affable Austrian chemist, spent three years gazing at his own navel โ€” and those of friends and family as well โ€” to discover how exactly we get belly-button lint.

"Abdominal hair is mainly responsible for the accumulation of navel lint," proclaims Steinhauser in the abstract to his paper, presented in the online version of the journal Medical Hypotheses. "Therefore, this is a typically male phenomenon. The abdominal hair collects fibers from cotton shirts and directs them into the navel where they are compacted to a felt-like matter."


So now that we know how it forms, the next question is โ€” why?

I wouldn't be surprised if some of the Bailout money was going help scientists answer that age-old question...

Let me just toss out a possible explanation, free of charge - because we wear clothing? I'd be more impress to know if cavemen had belly-button lint. That is truly one of life's greatest mysteries.



#1 captainfish 05-Mar-2009
hehehee.. try this

Science money confirms what everyone already knew.

I would like some money to test if sitting in an office chair will make my butt grow bigger. I think it could be a 25 year study.
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