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A Soviet of Stupidity

Here is one of Obama's commissars on the budget, trying to explain why his mythical accounting methodology is anything other than vaporware. The question, which we hear first, is not at all unreasonable. It's the answer that has my mind twisted into knots.

Now is a good time as any to point out that the Obama Administration has also been wisely spending Federal dollars... on logo design. This way, we the Proletariat Workers of America shall know, once and for all, that our Democratic Socialist Party is truly looking out for us.

Which is exactly the kind of docile idiocy the Democratic Party expects of the American population.

More like SOVIET.GOV

There is no word as of yet on how many thousands of dollars designing this Communistic lapel pin cost us. And, if the idiot (and I do not use the word lightly) in the video above is typical of the Obama Administration's finest, one can safely bet that there probably never will be.

Thanks to Ace and captainfish.

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