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The Do-Nothing Administration

Washington Post, cultist followers of the Obama Regime: Controversy Over Yucca Mountain May Be Ending

Sounds great, right? Ending controversies is always good, isn't it?

Yeah... Funny, that:

In keeping with a pledge President Obama made during the campaign, the budget released last week cuts off almost all funding for creating a permanent burial site for a large portion of the nation's radioactive nuclear waste at the site in the Nevada desert. Congress selected the location in 1987 and reaffirmed the choice in 2002. About $7.7 billion has been sunk into the project since its inception.

Once again, the luddites in the Democratic Socialist Party have elected to endanger our national security by burying their heads in the sand.

And once again, the idiots we employ in the media applaud their every effort.

Josef Stalin wishes he had it this good.

For a background on why Yucca was a good thing, click here.

Before it's scrubbed by the White House Komissars of the Internet, that is.

(h/t FR, who have more scientific acumen in their collective pinkies than the entire Executive Branch.)



#1 captainfish 05-Mar-2009
Thanks Obama for protecting us from safety and security. Thanks for keeping the dangerous radioactive material located locally around our neighborhoods. Thanks for protecting us from NOT-glowing. Thanks for doing what is not best for this country once again.

although.. I do find it odd that it has now cost us 7.7B to dig a huge hole in the ground. (granted, probably most of that came from litigation and ESA approvals)
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