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Protecting American Interests Overseas? Not On Obama's Watch!

It would seem that Code P.I.N.K. pal Hugo "Thuggo" Chavez has gone and nationalized the property of a ginormous American company.

Ordinarily, when foreign powers do things like this, American leaders tend to speak out in protest.

This president?

Not so much.

I will say this in Barack Obama's defense: At least he's decided to tackle the real tough issues that we're facing today... like Republicans in talk radio.

Good job, Gumby.



#1 captainfish 05-Mar-2009
He is blaming Cargil for local shortages in food?

Cargil doesn't deal in food production.

Would that be like nationlizing the banking industry cause you were short in pennies?

Oh, wait.. they already have nationalizized many of the industries in Venezuela, haven't they.

Guess one good excuse is good as another. At least his are plausible. Not like he is telling HIS people that doing so will SAVE the economy right now and create 650 million jobs a month like DOH-bama and Pole-osi.
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