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Our Embarrassment Of A President

This is the 'great' Obamessiah?

During his historic trip to Washington, Gordon Brown gave Barack Obama an ornamental pen holder made from the timbers of the Victorian anti-slave ship HMS Gannet - once called HMS President.

The unique present delighted Mr Obama because oak from the Gannet's sister ship, HMS Resolute, was carved to make a desk that already takes place in the Oval Office in the White House, after being presented by Britain to the US in 1880.

The Prime Minister went to the trouble of hunting down the perfect gift after becoming the first European leader invited to the White House by the new Commander In Chief.

So it would be perfectly understandable if Mr Brown felt a little underwhelmed at the official gift he received in return.

For despite being leader of the world's most bountiful nation, President Obama handed over nothing more thought-provoking than 25 classic American films on DVD.

More like an Obamanation. It seems Obama is deliberately trying to insult our best ally.



#1 captainfish 05-Mar-2009
Slime ball.
horrible horrible

Slap in the face.

So, Mr and Mrs Lesbian Tree-Hugger Global Warmer, how does it feel now? This is your pride and joy up there insulting the world.
#2 SumDum Phool 06-Mar-2009
Oh come on, how do we know Mr. Brown isn't just a movie buff, like our pal Kim Jong-Il XXVII over in Ko-Rea? Maybe the collection contained some hard to find classic that Mr. Brown was just DIEING to find for his collection, like, I don't know, maybe Death Race 2000?
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