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Leftists on "Damage" Control

According to some bloody crazy liberals up in New York (redundant, I know), it is more damaging to criticize Islam than it is to behead a woman.

Groups including the Network of Religious Communities, Western New York Peace Center and the Erie County Coalition Against Family Violence say a statement by the New York president of the National Organization For Women is damaging to women and to Muslims.

You know what's really damaging to women?

Slavery and subjugation. And, apparently, husbands who think that using knives against their family members is culturally acceptable.

I am quite pleased to see NOW finally begin to address this atrocious behavior.



#1 captainfish 06-Mar-2009
so, to come out and say that the fact that this guy was a muslim and hisher religion has a component called "honor killing" is soft-peddling the violence that occurs in non-religious relationships?????

statement: [i]But Elea Mihou from WNY Peace Center [u]says this statement might make women feel that suffering in a violent relationship is partly their fault.[/u]

"To associate something that's going to happen to 1,300 women this year in this country with one religion not only does a disservice to her faith, but it also does a disservice to women who suffer abuse at the hands of men of many faiths and no faith," Mihou says.[/i]

Yeah, cause there are honor killings among all the other world's religions and even those who are atheistic, right?

Please, tell me how many other religious based relationships in this world that have become known for beheading and killing of their women in established procedures containing the title of "Honor Killings".....
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