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Nevada Joint Terrorism Task Force Targeting 'Paper Terrorists'

Why waste resources on arresting terrorists who want to impose the Sharia, commit random acts of mass murder, stone raped women to death, or behead those who refuse to submit to Islam?

It's those Jewish money launderers who are the real threat! /s

LAS VEGAS (AP) - Four members of an anti-government group have been arrested on charges that include money laundering, tax evasion and weapons possession [Ed: this article later states the 'weapons possession' is ONE unregistered machine gun], federal prosecutors said Friday.

Authorities said the four men are members of the Sovereign Movement, a group that attempts to overthrow the government and defy authority with "paper terrorism." The arrests in Las Vegas on Thursday capped a three-year investigation into the group's activities led by the Nevada Joint Terrorism Task Force, U.S. Attorney for Nevada Greg Brower said.

A grand jury indictment in federal court in Las Vegas names Samuel Davis, 54, of Council, Idaho; Shawn Rice, 46, of Seligman, Ariz.; Harold Call, 67, of Las Vegas; and Jan Lindsey, of Henderson.

Davis and Rice are accused of laundering roughly $1.3 million for undercover FBI agents, who described the money as loot from a bank fraud scheme. Davis and Rice are charged with one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering and 30 counts of money laundering. If convicted, they face up to 20 years in prison and a $500,000 fine on each count.

Davis was described by prosecutors as a national leader in the Sovereign Movement, whose members believe government licenses, taxes and currency are invalid. Rice described himself as a lawyer and rabbi devoted to anti-government teaching, authorities said.

Note the article doesn't say the arrested men committed the 'bank fraud scheme,' they are simply accused of laundering FBI money. And as for the tax evasion, the task force could have had more success investigating the Obama Administration.

If I were a Nevada resident, I would be interested in knowing how much of my tax money went into this investigation which netted only 4 suspects, charged with laundering a relatively small amount of money and possessing one unregistered rifle. And while we're at it, how much is being spent to combat real Homegrown Terrorism?

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#1 Kevin 08-Mar-2009
Are you sticking up for this scuzzball?
#2 DMartyr 08-Mar-2009
No, I'm saying I think our government-sponsored "Terrorism Task Forces" have much more serious matters to deal with than money launderers. They've devoted 3 years into this case and, if the best they can come up with is a few "paper terrorists" responsible for laundering 1.3 million dollars of FBI money, we, as a country, are in a heap of trouble.

The mob launders more than that in a day. And ONE *unregistered* assault rifle? WTF? Are you telling me that in all the jihadist camps and radical groups across America there are no illegal weapons?

Frankly, since my tax money is paying for it, I'd rather see them apprehending REAL terrorists - terrorist who pose a REAL threat. You want to catch these guys, send the FBI after them. That's what they're for. But don't try to pass off a money laundering case as "terrorism."
#3 Lorna Damon 09-Mar-2009
I think we all should pay very close attention to this case. There is no law that requires any American to pay the bogus income tax, that is a FACT! I am a Nevada resident and I am involved in the Ron Paul campaign for liberty group and End the Fed as well. Does this make me a terrorist? Fuck no! I am a Patriot and I am rooting for these men.
#4 captainfish 09-Mar-2009
Brian and I were talking about something like this a while back.

If I were to be investigated for something and my home searched... they would find 2 unregistered firearms. We joked that the main headline grabber would be.."and he was caught in possession of two unregistered and unlicensed high-powered firearms."

These rifles, one a hunting rifle, was handed down to me from family members who bought them prior to the recent heavy regulatory practices.

While these men should be arrested for money-laundering (and I know DMartyr agrees with that), did they KNOW that the money was ill-gotten? Did they eagerly conduct these laundering activities for the purpose of ..... what? What did they get out of it?

Are we now arresting people using a TERRORISM Task Force because people feel like the government needs to be overthrown??? I guess half this country should be arrested now. Including me.

I agree Dmartyr, this was a massive waste of tax-payer funds. Couldn't they have arrested these guys after the first cash that they washed? Why spend a whole year? Why 3 years?!?

Hey feds.. how about spending some time up in Michigan or Detroit?? Heck, even Chicago. Am sure you can find some REAL terrorists up there.
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