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Total Control

Just think of the electoral possibilities we could reach if the Democratic (Socialist) National Committee were to adopt some of the election reforms used by North Korea:

People line up to cast their votes at a polling station in Pyongyang. Leader Kim Jong-Il has been unanimously elected to a seat in North Korea's parliament following a 100 percent turnout, state media said Monday. (AFP/KCNA via KNS)

Hey, using the DNC's standards for electoral legitimacy, there's no more honest result than this, is there?



#1 Kevin 09-Mar-2009
Bah. Didn't Acorn help us get a [b]110%[/b] turnout?

America is number 1!
#2 SumDum Phool 09-Mar-2009
Yeah! And Saddam Hussein got 100% of the vote too!
#3 SumDum Phool 09-Mar-2009
Pay-per-view I'd Like to See:

Kim "Kong" Jong Il v. Hugo "The Gasbag" Chavez

12 rounds

Steel Cage

Anything goes!
#4 captainfish 09-Mar-2009
WELL, seeing as how we are nearly 100% a socialist nation already, and that all those other socialist, communist and totalitarian regime states have almost always had a 100% voter turnout, we should be seeing our voter turnouts increasing each year from now on.

I mean, these people really care about their governments and their masters, right? Otherwise, there is no other reason for these people to vote.
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