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The Palin/Johnston Breakup: WHY IS THIS NEWS???

For as long as I can remember, our national media has treated the personal problems of Democratic politicians (See: John Edwards) as private affairs that are conducted between consenting adults.

With that in mind—How in the hell is the fact that Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston have called off their engagement front page news?

Can the double standard be any more obvious?

"Grade A" Idiots: Gawker, Fox News, The Baltimore Sun, The Boston Globe, (P)MSNBC, and 600+ other dolts.



#1 DMartyr 12-Mar-2009

This is almost as bad as the time Jennifer and Brad broke up! I'll be depress the rest of the week. :(
#2 subrookie 12-Mar-2009
I couldn't agree with your comments more. The media is stretching to find reasons to bash conservatives in the post-Bush era.
#3 captainfish 12-Mar-2009
Exactly subby, this is all about bashing conservatism, ie. bashing Gov Palin for having the audacity to enter the national political arena by going after her kids.

Yes, very low indeed. Remember how Clinton's daughter was extremely off limits. Even when she campaigned for her mom to be president, the media stayed away.

But, a conservative mom with traditional problems, that is just too juicy of a chance to try and make themselves look bad.
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