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What's A Brit Worth These Days

The lead sentence of this story is: "The British government is planning to cut the national speed limit from 60mph to 50mph on most of Britain’s roads..."

Now, can you figure out why they are doing this? Is it for the children like Brian will assume? Is it to protect the minorities like DMartyr will assume? NO!!

It's for the environment.

“But when you compare that to the fact we are killing 3,000 people a year on our roads, it would be irresponsible not to do something about it. I’m sure that the vast majority of motorists would support the proposals.” [said Jim Fitzpatrick, the roads minister].

New research by the Department for Transport has found that reducing the speed limit could save 200-250 lives a year and also reduce carbon emissions.

Ok, if driving vehicles in Britain is causing the deaths of some 3,000 people, then why not ban cars altogether? Doing that you can save over 3,000 people a year! Using their justification, it is not acceptable to kill 3,000 people, but it is acceptable to kill 2,800. As long as it reduces "carbon emissions".

Therefore, a British life is not worth as much as saving "carbon emissions".

Ministers plan to use average speed cameras, which monitor speeds over distances of up to six miles, to help enforce the new limit. The cameras have already been installed at 43 locations. The Home Office is expected to approve their wider use later this year.

Speed Check Services, the company behind the cameras, claims the number of deaths or serious injuries at its sites has fallen on average by 60%.

Wait, I thought this was a saving of 200 to 250 lives? Falling by 60% would mean a live-savings of 1,800 people. That's a pretty large margin of error, isn't it?

And, would you mind having numerous speed cameras clicking at you every 6 mile stretch?? But, we are doing it for the environment at least.

Tell ya what, put those things up around my neighborhood and the sales of paintball guns would skyrocket.

Now, please re-read that last quote. These are not your ordinary speed cameras. These are an interlinked "averaging" speed camera system. Meaning, they track you over a set distance (in this case 6 miles (wouldn't that be kilometers???)) and then average your speed over that distance.

MEANING.... they track your specific vehicle as you travel across Britain. They are monitoring your speed and your vehicle the WHOLE time. They can track your specific vehicle as you enter and leave each of these speed-monitoring zones.

It's bad enough that cameras are used to hand out speeding tickets now. And yet, Britains are ok with losing even more freedom by having their complete movements tracked and identified by their government.

As Americans, what freedoms are you willing to give up and hand over? Are you Ok with becoming a socialist? Are you OK with having a communist regime running your life? If you give up your freedoms, you can't come back later and expect them to return so easily.



#1 DMartyr 12-Mar-2009
I assumed hey are a bunch of pansy, whiny, dhimmis.

Or did you mean "asians" when you wrote "minorities"? Cause if that's what you meant, that would be correct.
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