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In Which Soccer Dad Saves My Bacon

What's that? Something worth talking about?

A downward-spiraling economy means less spending money, so food makers increasingly are running ads aimed at grabbing the other guy's share of the (pizza) pie -- or burger, or soup can. And their advertising arsenal includes numbers -- based on their market research, often controversial and sometimes top-secret.


There are recourses for aggrieved competitors who insist their burger or chicken-noodle soup is tastier. Federal agencies, the broadcast networks and the advertising industry itself all take steps to ensure any claims in advertising are well-founded.

But the government often won't step in unless the product in question is dangerous, rather than merely overhyped. Its actions and those of the industry's own regulation arm may come after a disputed campaign has run its course. And advertisers can skip the networks in favor of venues without rigorous ad-screening such as the Web or local TV stations.

Far be it from me to point out that the more our society becomes dependent on government regulation, and on lawyerization (i.e., the need to put disclaimers on everything), the farther into utter stupidity we descend.

How's that for an uplifting thought?

I'm feeling motivated already.

(Thanks, SD!)



#1 captainfish 12-Mar-2009
Dang it Brian.
That was not up to snuff. I need a gov't official to come in and make sure you are doing your legal best to provide ME with what I expect. You know, SoccerDad, seems to be providing all of my dietary needs without all of the hype.

I think a regulatory mechanism needs to be in place, a blogczar if you will, in order to assure that we, purveyors of your wares, are assured a consistent and compatible product. A compatible product that we can find whichever blog we care to patron. It assures fairness.
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