The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.


Kafir Alalazoo piles on. That's some bloody amazing photography—Which is yet another reminder that I've got a whole ton of learning to do still.

Keep up the awesome work, KA!



#1 DMartyr 12-Mar-2009
I don't understand how I can take a picture and it looks like crap, but you guys can take the same picture, and it looks like art.

I need a new camera. :P
#2 DMartyr 12-Mar-2009
I could take a picture of a brilliant sunset over the pacific ocean off the cliffs over looking the cool waters and at best, get an average photo.

But you, Brian, and Kafir Alalazoo, can take a picture of a piece of broccoli and it'll be worthy of a museum.

#3 busywolf 12-Mar-2009
A penny (or half of it) for Fadi Arouri's thoughts ... He's a pro, after all, ain't he?
#4 captainfish 13-Mar-2009
DMartyr,, I am with ya bud. I think I have taken one good photo in my life. The rest.... blah.

I have always loved B&W photography. Awesome pics.
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