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The German magazine Berlingske has discovered that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's supporters in Iran have been fudging the coverage of the pro-Mahmoud rallies in Tehran. Given the fact that the Iranian government is also furiously suppressing all dissent, I guess this isn't all that surprising. It's a good reminder that Iran sucks at teh Photoshop, at least.

Of course, the fact that the Iranian government feels compelled to digitally insert fake people into a photograph could be a sure-fire sign that they're losing control of their population. Dictatorships that can't even astroturf a protest with real people are barely worthy of the name. 



#1 mandy 17-Apr-2011

Heck, are they too desperate to Photoshop their photo and insert more people? I never heard of it before. Not on politics and government.



[ed:—Removed that spam link for ya. The comment's still downright amusing!]

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