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Obama Campaign Angered By Tough Questions

From NewsBusters:

"Are you joking?"

"I don't know who's writing your questions."

Those were two of the angry responses by Joe Biden to a couple of tough questions posed by Barbara West on Orlando's WFTV. You can get an idea of just how upset Biden was by reading the title of this account of the heated interview: "Obama campaign cuts off WFTV after interview with Joe Biden."

As a result of this interview the Obama campaign called WFTV "unprofessional" and severed ties, canceling a scheduled interview with Joe Biden's wife, Jill:

"This cancellation is non-negotiable, and further opportunities for your station to interview with this campaign are unlikely, at best for the duration of the remaining days until the election," wrote Laura K. McGinnis, Central Florida communications director for the Obama campaign.

Were the questions "unprofessional" or just questions Obama doesn't want to address?

You decide:

[Update] From Gateway Pundit, reporter Barbara West defends the interview.

[Update 2] This video appears to be going viral, so I decided to sticky post it for a day or two. was the FIRST to embed the YouTube video.

I hope you don't mind, Brian!

I also changed the title because, clearly, this video has struck a nerve within the Obama Campaign. (original title: Joe Biden Angered By Tough Questions)

[Update 3] Looks like WFTV has scrubbed its site of the interview. Thank goodness someone had the presence of mind to save it!

[Update 4] Not only has this video made the headline at Drudge Report:

Click to Enlarge

But FoxNews is reporting on it:

BTW, Marc, you do have access to the full video, at YouTube. Just because you don't look, doesn't mean it isn't available. ;-)


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