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We Get It

The Iraqi Army likes to point guns at women:

An Iraqi soldier patrols a street during a military operation in Baghdad's al-Fadhil district March 30, 2009. Iraqi security forces swept through an area of Baghdad on Sunday and detained several people after Sunni patrolmen angry at their leader's arrest clashed with police and troops in a battle that killed three people. REUTERS/Mohammed Ameen (IRAQ CONFLICT IMAGE OF THE DAY TOP PICTURE MILITARY)

Most of Mohammed's other shots are more pedestrian in nature, but it's always interesting to see photos like this hit the wire, considering how often similar photos are used to illustrate the "cruelty" of politically-unpopular armed forces around the world. Such as this and that.

In short, if you see photos like this in your local paper, stop and ask yourself—Are you reading news? Or are you really just looking at raw emotion, published with the intent of changing your opinions?

Because only one of the two purposes is a valid function of a news agency.

Don't mind this article—I'm testing out using Turbo as a full-fledged blog engine.

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