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When Lucy Pulls The Fast One....On Health Care

You know Lucy. The evil-incarnate anti-hero to Charlie Brown. She loves to seemingly provide a service, an offer, to Charlie Brown but in the end, she happily refuses to deliver.

This guy, Gary Woltal (have no idea who he is), calls it the Lucy-Charlie Brown Effect. He says:

It all has to do with "attachment" to an expectation. Charlie Brown attaches to the fact that he "thinks" Lucy will hold the football and he can kick it. The way the world really works is she may let him kick it or may pull the ball away.

Unhappiness comes from a death grip in your mind attaching what you think the outcome will be.

It would seem that people's refusal to see this ObamaCare for what it is, is because of the Lucy-Charlie Brown Effect. They are attached to an expectation that things will continue on as they have. That things will, no, MUST get better. Because it just would not make sense that anything could change.

They have this unjustified trust and belief in what people tell them. Despite that fact that the claims never come true, or never come to fruition.

Like Charlie Brown, the think that maybe this time Lucy will come through for them. Because, she can't be evil all the time.

For those of you who still hold to the belief passed down by the Socialists of America that they can provide better health care and coverage than the private market, you really only need to look at Medicare and Medicaid. Just take a serious look at how well the government is running those programs. Then take a look around at how well the government is running all other programs. Look in your state. Look at what the state government controls. Do you think it is a well-run and efficient machine? Or do you hear day after day of corruption and scandal and embezzlement?

California anyone?

Seriously. You have this Lucy-Charlie Brown Effect going on if you believe that despite all that has occurred before, despite all that is occurring now, that NEXT TIME will be different. Next time the government WILL care and WILL fulfill its wild and fanciful promises to you.

But facts are funny things. They tend to come out in to the open despite your ignorance or refusals to accept them. For instance, Newsbusters has a story out now how someone did some research trying to determine which "insurance" company gave out the most denials of coverage. This analysis wanted to know, of all the providers, government and private, which ones had the most denied claims - denied medical care for someone. Denied despite allowing the full charged amount.


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