The Ghost of Snapped Shot

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Ace Forgot to Mention...

Ace puts up a post about Pelosi and her quest for a VAT like all other Socialized nations. (Ask the Canadians how they feel about theirs. Be prepared for a rant)

Ace: Did you forget that she is just misdirecting? She makes people believe that this will save money by adding a tax so that the producers don't have to raise their prices in order to pay for their employee benefits.

How does this make any sense except to a liberal dunderhead.

How will products be cheaper if you take off benefits cost for producers but then increase their TAXES on each stage of a products life?

If a car costs $10,000 for a consumer, it might be cheaper if the automaker does not have to add the costs of employee benefits. But, if you then turn around and charge a Value Added Tax on each stage of a car's components creation, so that in the end each individual component sees multiple taxation points, then the price of that car will actually INCREASE for consumers.

Once again, this is a blatant and obvious attempt to quash capitalism and profit and the lifestyles that Americans have known and grown to love. Pure anti-American ideology at work.


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