The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.


The Republican Party has introduced its new website. Which is currently unavailable, as it's apparently overloaded with people who (shock!) want to see the new site.

I'm not one to criticize, considering how often Snapped Shot falls over at the slightest provocation—but then again, we don't exactly have a massive systems budget over here. What's the GOP's excuse?

Hopefully, it'll be back online sometime this week, so I can see all of the new and exciting things that the RNC is planning on completely ignoring their base with.

Update: Finally starting to get in, slowly but surely. Boy, am I glad to go through all of that reloading effort in order to see generic nothings like this!

Update 2: What kind of idiot makes a scan of "wing-nut" sites looking for reactions to the GOP launch, and misses we wing-nuttiest of nuts over here at Snapped Shot?

One like Charles, apparently.

My article was up almost an hour before yours, good sir. I hope you didn't strain yourself with all of that cherry-picking, which I hear is teh hard and stuff.

Update 3: That one's gonna leave a mark!



#1 African Moondog 14-Oct-2009

Well done,

Since his site consists of his few acolytes over whom he has a Svengali like influence, I do not think that the others will notice his lauding it over them.

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