The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

South Carolina, You Must Be Proud

But, I am embarrassed for you.

John Kerry and Lindsey Graham: "First, we agree that climate change is real and threatens our economy and national security."

If South Carolina does not vote out Grahamnesty during his next re-election, I will push to have South Carolina evicted from the complex. 

Pennsylvania had their bacon saved when Arlen Specter manned-up and changed to the party of his heart.

Grahamnesty, you are going down, you anti-american betraying liberal-loving #*$@.  Sorry.  Had to blow off some steam there.   I was going to do this big write up, but just couldn't calm down enough.

So, please head over to 6MB to read Brian's take on this latest travesty of sanity from former-republican Graham.  He puts his ever great spin on it. 

Now, while I rave on Brian for that particular post, I must call in the medical authorities in white coats for his man-stache love affair.



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