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Robert Spencer is Breakin' the Law!

A man on a mission.Apparently, the German government decided that it needed to ban the use of the Israeli flag at the human rights summit being hosted there last week.  Not one to be swayed by the enforced sensitivities of the thought police of any country, Robert hopped right into action.

Many people at our rally had Israeli flags, and as you can see from the photo, I had one also. Not long after this picture was taken I got it mounted on a flagpole and waved it around at the beginning and end of my talk. The German police told the BPE organizers that we had to put the Israeli flags away when Leftists and Jihadis passed by. They told the same thing to several people in the crowd, including one man, Florian Euring, who was kind enough to explain the whole situation to me. Apparently the police were afraid that the Israeli flag would "provoke" the Leftist/jihadist demonstrators. But as I am not fond of placating thuggery and kowtowing before Islamic supremacism, I thought, well, if the police really don't want the Israeli flag shown, let them arrest an American citizen, and then things will get even more interesting. So I went out front, close to the counterdemonstrators, waving the big flag, but the German police moved me back. They may also have said to put the flag away, but I have forgotten all my grad-school German, and so the flag stayed. A reporter, demonstrating an objectivity level on par with that of, say, Michael Kruse, passed by with a barrage of sharp words for me and my flag -- but I still didn't understand German.

Good show, man!



#1 forest 09-Oct-2009

Arresting someone for flying the flag of Israel in Germany might, you know, make the Germans look bad.

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