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Jihadi Crüe

When I was growing up, girls this age having posters of Motley Crüe on their wall were considered to be daring.  Nowadays, I think this pretty much takes the cake as far as the whole "counter-cultural" thing goes.

A Palestinian refugee living in Syria takes part in a demonstration at al-Yarmouk camp near Damascus October 9, 2009. The demonstration was held to condemn Israeli clashes with Palestinians at the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' request not to discuss the Goldstone report that calls for investigations about war crimes held by Israel during its war on Gaza. REUTERS/Khaled al-Hariri (SYRIA CONFLICT)

Speaking of which, that whole "Day of Rage" thing appears to have fizzled out. There was plenty of stone-throwing tire-burning Muslim-rioting fun in Jerusalem, but from what I've seen on the wires, the rest of the world pretty much just sat this one out. I guess Rage Boy's been slacking.

Anyway, I'll close with a bonus future peacemaker, just to brighten your day that much more.

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#1 upyernoz 09-Oct-2009

the day of rage didn't fizzle out so much as get what they wanted. after facing a much bigger backlash than he expected, mahmoud abbas flip-flopped yesterday. the palestinian authority no longer opposes referring the goldstone report to the HRC.

#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 09-Oct-2009

Good point, Noz.  It was a little bit less "global" than I expected, though.

(I will admit that I enjoyed watching Hamas drag a coffin with Mahmoud Abbas' picture through the streets.  I'm easily amused, though....)

Hope you like the new digs, to step off-topic for a second.  :)

#3 upyernoz 11-Oct-2009

the new digs are great. i can actually do links now without screwing it all up.


what's the deal with comment moderation though?

#4 Brian C. Ledbetter 12-Oct-2009

Sorry for the moderation—I haven't gotten Akismet configured yet, so there's quite a bit of spam that would be getting through if I left it wide open. "Fixing that by configuring Akismet" is on my short list of things to do today, so hopefully we'll get that fixed right quick!

(Glad you likes otherwise! :) )

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