The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Out and About!

I'm off to sunny Delaplane this afternoon for a little bit of gonzo photojournalism. Word has it that Hollin Farms is the place to be this weekend for a fun time of pumpkin pickin', which is always fun this time of year—and why not use the occasion to try and get a good story? (Certainly there's a story to be had out there. There just has to be!)

As for that sun—currently the skies are cloudy, and the wind's blowing like heck. Here's how it looked last year. With luck, the weather will cooperate a little bit, and we'll be in good shape in the afternoon. Not that a good story waits for the weather to clear or anything!

Alas, armed with my trusty Canon and a shiny new lens, I look forward to whatever the day might bring. That's what professional amateurs are all about!


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