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They Played Hoops While Soldiers Died

I mentioned earlier about how the Obama's went out for a night on the town while the Taliban was increasing their attacks, leading to the deaths of soldiers.

And now, it would seem that playing basketball is of more importance than the lives of our soliders and winning the war against the Taliban.  This is the terrorist group that the left sees as the sole party responsible for, and the reason behind, the war on terror.  So, why the hesitation?

While he fails to make a simple decision, terrorism continues unabated and unabashed.  Without fear of reprisals.

Heavily armed militants were holding up to 15 soldiers hostage inside Pakistan's army headquarters early Sunday after they stormed the complex in an audacious assault on the heart of the most powerful institution in the nuclear-armed country.

Ten people were killed in the attack, including two ranking officers.

The standoff was continuing 12 hours after assailants wearing military uniforms bundled from a white van and launched the strike, which appeared to be a warning to the military that its planned offensive on the insurgents' stronghold along the Afghan border would be met with attacks against targets across Pakistan. [ED: Yeah, "militants". Just don't call them .. sssshhhh.. Taliban.]


In related news:

The remote U.S. outpost near the Pakistan border that was nearly overrun by insurgents last weekend has been abandoned and destroyed by American troops, military officials announced today.

Americans demolished the base, dubbed Combat Outpost Keating, just days after an all-day fight last Saturday in which eight American soldiers were killed and 24 wounded. U.S. military officials estimate that as many as 100 of the attackers were also killed in the battle, which was the bloodiest in Afghanistan in the past year.

Keating and a second base, Combat Outpost Fritsche, were abandoned this week as part of Gen. Stanley McChrystal's new strategy to pull back from unpopulated areas and concentrate on defending population centers.

By the time [pilots] Chief Warrant Officer 3 Ross Lewallen and Chief Warrant Officer 2 Chad Bardwell arrived over the embattled outpost,, much of Keating was in flames and dozens of insurgents could be seen on the camp's perimeter.

"When we first showed up and put our sensors on Keating, it was just kind of shock," said Bardwell, 35, of Liman, Wyo., who piloted one of a swarm of Apaches that rushed the base's defense. "All the amount of flames and the smoke and to see that amount of personnel running outside of their wire. It was really kind of shock."

Lewallen added, "I've been on three deployments and I've never seen that large of a force attacking one static position."

The number of attackers has been estimated from 100 to 200. Lewallen said he thought as many as 350 were involved in the assault.

Once again, don't call them terrorists or even the Taliban, else there might be a reason to ramp up the fight in Afghanistan. And just because our soldiers are dying and our bases are being overrun, that's by no means a reason to be hasty on a decision to send in support.  Why shoot back at the people you want to be part of the new Afghan governmetn?

So, what happens when you turn your focus away from fighting terrorists?  Obama has already shut down parts of the global missile shield.

A nuclear physicist working at the world's largest atom smasher has been arrested on suspicion of links to the Algerian branch of Al Qaeda, another blow to a project that has been plagued by glitches and was shut down after a massive electrical failure a year ago.

The scientist, arrested in France, is suspected of having links to Al Qaeda's North African offshoot, which has carried out a deadly campaign against security forces in recent months...

And yet, Obama continues to delay his decision on whether to allow a second surge for Afghanistan.  In January, he was ready to send 30,000.  But by February, he only sent 17,000 as part of the first surge of troops and supplies.

The president and his top national security advisers huddled for three hours in the Situation Room to hear top military officials make their case for tens of thousands of additional troops to target Al Qaeda. The session marked the first time Obama has questioned his inner circle specifically about troop levels and military commitments needed for the war that has languished in progress and popularity.

A decision, though, was not in the offing.

But then, are his actions really that hard to understand knowing how Obama sees terrorism and evil in the world?

Some inside the White House have cited Hezbollah, the armed Lebanese
political movement [ED: And a terrorist organization that has attacked one our strongest former allies], as an example of what the Taliban could become.
Hezbollah is considered a terrorist organization by the U.S.
government, but the group has political support within Lebanon and
participates, sometimes through intimidation, in the political process.

Some White House advisers have noted that although Hezbollah is a
source of regional instability, it is not a threat to the United

If you view evil and terrorism something that can be compromised with, or who's principles can be negotiated, then is it any wonder he treats our own soldiers with less than loyal compassion.

Expect to have a major push from his loony-left to pull out of the country.  A hot-zone that they pushed former President Bush to shift his focus toward.

Rep. Ben Ray Lujan among those members of Congress resisting a push for more troops in Afghanistan.

The New Mexico Democrat signed onto a letter with 57 of his House
colleagues today urging President Obama to reject a troop increase. In
a statement he said he is worried that a long-term counterinsurgency
would require hundreds of thousands of troops.

Lujan traveled to Iraq and Afghanistan in August and met with
generals, political leaders and troops, including some from New Mexico.

"In my conversations, I focused on our efforts moving forward and
how the United States can help the Afghan people through humanitarian
and diplomatic means."


On a side note:

Earlier in the day, reporters asked White House press secretary Robert
Gibbs why no women were invited to play, a point Gibbs called "well

"The president, obviously, is someone who, as the father of two young
daughters, has an avid interest in their competing against anybody on
the playing field" Gibbs said.

Obviosly, not against him.  Or, does he think the girls might behave in a wrong way with the politicians?  Or, does he not trust the politicians with little girls?  Has he heard rumors? 

But then, Gibbs was not asked about Obama's daughters.  So, weird response from Gibbs here.

[Update:] Brian from Six Meat Buffett has a bridge in Falluja to sell you if you believe Obama is in full control.


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