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The End of Natural Gas?

It sure sounds like it according to the title of this crAPpy article. 

Solar power outshining Colorado's gas industry

Push a bias much there AP?  (You know that they do)

According to this article, solar power is outselling andor outproducing the natural gas industry in the state of Colorado, right?  Well, not according to the actual text of this lovely fine article. 

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Let's just see how bad the natural gas industry is in Colorado.

The sun had just crested the distant ridge of the Rocky Mountains, but already it was producing enough power for the electric meter on the side of the Smiley Building to spin backward.

From the very frst paragraph we have it.  Proof.  Undeniable proof that the within the whole entire complete state of Colorado, this guy's solar panel system HAS undone the state's natural gas industry.

I don't know about you, but I'm a believer. (guess I should tell you I just got my indoctrination flu shot today, too)

For the Shaw brothers, who converted the downtown arts building and community center into a miniature solar power plant two years ago, each reverse rotation subtracts from their monthly electric bill. It also means the building at that moment is producing more electricity from the sun than it needs.

"Backward is good," said John Shaw, who now runs Shaw Solar and Energy Conservation, a local solar installation company.

There you have it.  Why ask for anything more.  This proves it.  The fact that this man, created a single business from the power of the sun, means natural gas is history.  OH COME ON!!  We all know natural gas is horrible, nasty, toxic, and a danger to your newborn puppy.  It must be gotten rid of. I think we need to fine people for using it. 

I mean, it IS the leading cause of global warming.

A recent greenhouse-gas inventory of La Plata County found that the thousands of natural gas pumps and processing plants dotting the landscape are the single largest source of heat-trapping pollution locally.

Natural Gas has now become the new villain it would seem.  Did anyone really think that the libSocialistGreenies would be content with just harassing coal power?  They started off with nuclear.  That has died out now despite new efforts behind it recently.  They moved on to coal.  Now, no new coal-fired plants are under construction.  Next in line... natural gas.  60 minutes had an excoriating show on the other week about coal ash and its problematic storage and recycling.

But, what is the truth within this current story?  Let's find out.

As La Plata County in southwestern Colorado looks to shift to cleaner
sources of energy, solar is becoming the power source of choice even
though it still produces only a small fraction of the region's

The natural gas industry, which produces more gas here than nearly every other county in Colorado, has been relegated to the shadows.
With the county and city drawing up plans to reduce the emissions blamed for global warming and Congress weighing the first mandatory limits, the industry once again finds itself on the losing side of the debate.

Thus, once again, a report's own text reveals how biased and incorrect its own title is.  There is no way this can be an accident or an editing mistake as this occurrs over and over again.  Titles of online articles pushing an agenda that is not supported within the article's body.

So, in the midst of a massive recession, near-depression like statistics, our political priests feel it is completely prudent to push for increased taxes and fees upon coal and natural gas production, while at the same time preventing new electrical-generation facilities from being constructed.

Recall that the liberals and the greenies prevented the construction of the solar power plants in California and Nevada due to "environmental" and "land use" concerns.

Ask yourself this. What will electricity cost when it costs twice as much to produce in the near future? 

And you all here know, that creating green energy is no way "green".  Creating solar panels is creates hazardous and toxic wastes.

Think switching to solar energy will make you green? Think again. Many
of the newest solar panels are manufactured with a gas that is 17,000
times more potent than carbon dioxide
in contributing to global warming.

And solar power production is more expensive to construct and to purchase electricty from than traditional sources.  During a time of economic disorder, shouldn't we be pushing for clean and CHEAP energy to get us back on our feet?


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