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Taliban Unworthy of Attention While ObamaCare Is

I am going to bring up two topics in this post.

First, as Pres Obamassiah meets with political people on how to best fight a military war (Vietnam anyone???), Taliban and al-Queda continue to grow in strength in Afghanistan and Iraq, respectively.

A week of terror strikes across Pakistan, capped by a stunning assault on army headquarters, show the Taliban have rebounded and appear determined to shake the nation's resolve as the military plans for an offensive against the group's stronghold on the Afghan border.

The 22-hour attack on Pakistan's "Pentagon" in the city of Rawalpindi, which ended with 20 dead Sunday, was the third terror attack in a week to shake this nuclear-armed nation.

So, we have a nuclear weapon-equipped country that can't even protect their version of our Pentagon from a group of people we are holding debates on whether to even fight. 

While we debate whether to pull out of Afghanistan and negotiate peace-treaties with, the Taliban is attacking and gaining strength.  The liberals thought that if we backed off, so would our enemies.  As has been the truth for....   well...  EVUH, and as can be seen here, if you turn your back on your enemies while they are still kicking, they will turn around and kick your ass.

Lord High Al-bama debates with congressional staffers on whether he should spend money to protect our soldiers, they attack Pakistan for not doing the same.

The U.S. has long pushed Islamabad to take more action against Taliban and al-Qaida militants, who are also blamed for attacks [ED: blamed???  they're "blamed"!?!? Was there any doubt who it was?] on U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan, and the army carried out a successful campaign against the militants in the Swat Valley in the spring.

But the army had been unwilling to go all out in the lawless tribal areas along the border that serve as the Taliban's main refuge. Three offensives into South Waziristan since 2001 ended in failure and the government signed peace deals with the militants.

Now we know where Pres "where's my blankie" Obama got this idea to negotiate with terrorists.  Going against a long-standing principle of free nations.


Second, while our fighting men and women are putting their lives on the line, Pres "what is that word: war" Obama puts most of his efforts behind nationalizing our health care industry including throwing out the US Constitution with manadatory medical coverage.

According to the media, the national care will be modeled after the much successful and balliehood Vermont Health Care system.

In an astounding eye-opening moment, Vermont thinks it is a good idea to take care of sick people.

What could play a central role reforming the nation's health care system happens in a small conference room of the Aesculapius Medical Center — two patients learning the basics of managing their diabetes.

The pilot program begun in 2003 aims to reach patients with chronic conditions, keep them healthier and, ultimately, save money by heading off expensive hospitalizations and procedures. Already, emergency room visits are down.

It's health care at its most basic, but in some ways it's revolutionary. 

Yep, you read that right.  It is revolutionary to get sick people well.  But also too, it is revolutionary that healthier people saves money due to less hospitalizations.

However, if someone is CHRONIC then that means THEY ARE SICK.  Right??!?

In a system where private insurers and the government reimburse
providers for treating sick patients, the physicians who treat the two
diabetes patients will get more if they stay healthy.

And what is this, paying doctors more to keep patients healthy?  Are doctors wanting people to get sick?  Are doctors ignoring people once they get sick?  Seriously??  Who here believes that a doctor that wants his patients to get sick, or gets them sick, is going to be in business long?  Don't you think he would also lose his license to practice?

To me, this will reward doctors for ignoring sick people.  If doctors will get paid more for working with healthy people, then why take the time to work on the sick ones?

And get this....

Variations on Vermont's Blueprint for Health are being used as a model in the national health care reform legislation now being considered by Congress, said Ken Thorpe of Emory University in Atlanta, who helped develop the Vermont program and is working with Congress on national reform.

Now, isn't that just scary.  A guy who lives in Atlanta fashioned Vermont's health care system that rewards doctors for treating healthier people.

In all seriousness.  What doctor does not work with his patients to get them healthy?  What doctor doesn't sit down with his patients to work out plans and changes in their behaviors in order to live a healthier life?

But, I guess Vermont is unique in the world:

The Vermont Legislature has passed a series of laws requiring the
state's three major health care players to reimburse the patients'
providers for their care. Plans call for expanding the project
statewide by 2012.

The Vermont legislature passed laws that forced the hospitals to reimburse health insurance providers?  Isn't that already illegal?  Couldn't the insurance providers seek restitution in other ways?  Couldn't they just stop doing business with those hospitals that refused to return overpayments? 

But, haven't we been slammed over the head about how stingy insurance companies are?  Now we hear that they have paid out too much to hospitals.  And it is the hospitals that are holding on to the money illegally.

At Aesculapius [ED: Is that a town or??], registered nurse
Pam Farnham goes over with the patients the best way to manage their
diets and explains how diet and exercise can help minimize their
symptoms and, hopefully, keep them healthier and out of the hospital.

This is revolutionary?  A nurse talks with a patient over their care?  I get that all the time when I or my family goes to the doctor. 

But then, when you read this, you get a sense of why we have to tell people that they CAN talk to their doctors.

"There's a lot more that I learned here than I did when I was in the
" said Peter Benoit, 62, of Colchester, who attended his first
diabetes class recently at his South Burlington doctor's office. "In this setting you understand more of what is going on and what you have to do to get yourself under control."

I'm sorry, but hospitals are designed for immediate care and research.  They are not meant for your daily and remedial care.  If you are dying, they are perfect for getting you better so you can go home.  If you are sick or need an operation, they will get you better where you can go home again.

It is your DOCTOR, not the hospital, that works to make you healthy whether it is through verbal or medical care.  They sit and talk to you about your meds and speak to you of your concerns.

If you got a doctor that refuses to talk to you or answer your questions, then what are you doing still seeing that doctor?!?!?!

More lunacy:

The Blueprint allows physicians to spend more time with their patients, helps track their conditions and gives patients access to services they wouldn't otherwise have taken advantage of. It also rewards physicians for keeping patients from getting sick.

Seriously?  Doctors have to be told to spend time with their patients?  Patients have to have laws to know that they are entitled to this level of care?

I am so glad that now, thanks to Vermont's Blueprint, our medical history can now be tracked and kept by our doctors.  WHEW!!!  I can't tell you how many times I have gone to my doctor and he had no clue who I was or why I was there.  He also forgot that he just did cancer-surgery on my the week before. 

Please explain that part of the sentence: " patients access to services they wouldn't otherwise have taken advantage of."

Doesn't that mean that they ALEADY had access to those services?  How will giving someone access to something mean that they will now?  If they wouldn't have taken advantage of those services before, then why would they now after this "blueprint"?

Meanwhile, the insanit continues, unabated it seems:

The program is getting recognition from the federal government, too.
Last month the Obama administration announced a new, three-year
Medicare pilot program based on the Vermont program.

is the model for a delivery system redesign that has great potential
for cost savings as well as the improvement for the health of the
population of this country," said Enrique Martinez-Vidal, vice
president of Academy Health, a Washington organization that works to
improve health care across the country.

GOD help us.

And here is the kicker.  This now is the model for ObamaCare.  Is this really how you want to be treated?

For those with chronic conditions, the Blueprint uses a "community care team," of nurses, a health educator and a social worker. In some cases, patients are referred to the Greater Burlington YMCA, which provides two free sessions with a personal trainers and then donates a month's membership, said YMCA CEO Mary Burns.

So, its not the doctors that are continuing treatment?  It's YMCA?!?!?

Is taking showers in a community shower with homeless people really a way to recover after a CHRONIC diagnosis?  Do you really need a social worker after recovering from a heart attack?  This is what they mean by saving money?

Are you people from Vermont really that dense?  You would forgo your complete medical care for the sake of a visit from a social worker and a coupon for a free month at the local YMCA? 

What happened to that independent spirit that we have heard so much about? 

Guess that quaint notion of independence, self responsibility and that revolutionary spirit that fought for our freedom from tyranny and governmental control is now dead.

[Update:] Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air has more on this insanity.


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