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Blogging About Blogging - Brian Style

Glenn Reynolds over at Instapundit blogged about a story on Reason blog by Ronald Bailey who blogged about an article up on NPR Online by Richard Harris. (whew. I don't know how Brian keeps it all together.)

And now, I am blogging about it.  What is worthy of multi-dimensional blogging realities (mirror within mirrors)?

The landmark Kyoto climate treaty, a global warming pact negotiated 12 years ago, is unlikely to live on after its 2012 end date.

During climate talks in Bangkok last week it became apparent that after the treaty's initial term ends, a new treaty will almost certainly take its place.

But, not everyone is happy.  (I am currently dancing with glee like a Riverdance girl)

Lumumba Di-Aping, a Sudanese diplomat who was speaking on behalf of 130 developing nations, expressed the developing world's unhappiness with this turn of events.

Well duh.  Cause that would mean the industrialized nations could now continue to progress and grow and stop paying these "developing" nations green blackmail money.


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