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Our Humorless Elite

The hoi-polloi in the press are showing signs of indignant outrage again, shocked (nay, SHOCKED!) that somebody would have the gumption to put out an offensive halloween costume.

In this case, NBC's Los Angeles affiliate is practically raging over a costume that's "distasteful" and "mean-spirited." So what is it that has these hearts so a-twitter with anger?

Meet the illegal alien—who is sure to spark fires of raaaaacism everywhere.

Amongst those of us who consider intergalactic aliens to be a "race," that is.

Also raging against anything funny—CNN, KTLA.



#1 captainfish 19-Oct-2009



(cough, cough)


dear lord.  have we really not got anything better to do?  Aren't there some kids out there dying without insurance that needs to be reported?

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