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The Washington Post Pimps For Bucks

You know, it used to be that when an industry went into financial hardship, it understood that the product or service it was providing wasn't of the same quality (or necessity) as it once was, and it either adapted its business practices to face the new reality, or it folded, made obsolete in an altered reality.

The Columbia University Journalism School, whom is hardly an innocent bystander in this industry's devolution, has decided that these old rules shouldn't apply, and has moved on to the most logical next step:—Public-funded media. And the Washington (com)Post, a paper which is actively campaigning for Democratic candidates at the moment, couldn't be happy enough with the idea.

Just imagine—Instead of a world in which subscribers pay money to receive "the news," and theoretically have a say in the type of news they receive—their revenue is in reality generally ignored by the left-leaning newsrooms, of course—we can have a beautiful new world, financed and funded by the likes of the Pew Charitable Trusts, the Ford Foundation, and the Tides Center.

What could possibly go wrong in a world where only hard-hard-ultra-mega-leftist groups have the checkbooks, anyway?

Of course, when you consider that the commercial aspect of news organizations today has no effect on how leftist they are, maybe the world under a socialist non-profit media won't be all that different.

I am planning to continue ignoring what all of these Democratic hack propagandists say either way, so I can't say that I'm really going to notice that much of a difference.



#1 captainfish 19-Oct-2009

I wish them luck in any econimic venture they seek in their attempts to stay alive.  Just as I would not care if the Atlanta Constipation sought funding from the KKK.

These media outlets would just move from the "MSM" to the realm of "rags".

It just proves that which we have always assumed with these moves.  Their bias does come from a common place.

So, it really won't be that their funders will be paying for particular news or viewpoints, it will be just a new partner has arrived to share that bed of strange bedfellows.

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