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Afghani University Students Are Raaaaacist!

And here I thought Barack Obama's new international diplomacy (of surrender) was going to stop stuff like this from happening:

A university student, left, burns a US flag, as others set fire to an effigy of US President Barack Obama, during a demonstration in Jalalabad, Nangarhar province east of Kabul, Afghanistan, Monday, Oct. 19, 2009. Hundreds of Afghans shouted anti-US slogans and burned effigy of the US President Barack Obama during a protest against the alleged desecration of Holy Quran by NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) soldiers during an operation in central Maidan Wardak province. (AP Photo/Rahmat Gul)

Who would've guessed that reality answers the traditional hippie question ("Can't we all get along, man?") so strongly in the negative.

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#1 Anonymous 03-Nov-2009
it was a right act done by them they hav ful right to speak againts the ones who insult their feelings obama hadnt respond againts the ones who insulted their religion so he z a racist and al americans are racist bcos they only see wat somebody says about them not about wat they say or do with the rest of the world
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