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Outrage of the Day: Ken Cuccinelli Says "Bull Honkey!"

The Roanoke Free-Press is trying to gin up a Macaca Moment for Ken Cuccinelli, Republican candidate for Virginia's Attorney Generalship:

It's cute how they cut the phrase completely out of any context, which would help us determine what it is that Ken's trying to say. Judging by their clip alone, I'd say he tripped on his tongue trying to say "bull hockey," which is a totally nontroversial (and family-friendly) way of saying "bulls**t." (See definition #1)

But hey, why not review the entire tape and find out for yourself. One gets the impression that they edited the previous clip so tightly because they don't like how naturally he explains the rest of his message?

Attacking Republicans sure does seem to be the definition of what a "free" press is these days.


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