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Creigh Deeds is an Idiot

That's the only reaction I have to this Deeds ad, which is incomprehensible at best. Not only does it presume that attending school outside of Fairfax County removes one's ability to refer to Fairfax County as the place they're from, it conflates completely the notions of geography and political persuasions.

I guess I should feel glad that Deeds isn't trying to hammer the unbelievably heinous scandal that Bob McDonnell claims to be from both Fairfax County and Hampton Roads. (Which is pretty funny, considering that this describes my background as well.)

As my good friend Brian S. says, "Last time I checked, [people who move to Fairfax County from elsewhere] are the ones who tend to be voting for Deeds, not the long time residents."

PS: The Democrats here in Fairfax County are desperate for any message that works. Including the ever-popular "McDonnell Will Cut School Funding" canard, which is what the signs they've plastered all over Ox Road outside of my neighborhood say.

Since when does increasing the percentage of money in education that actually goes towards education count as "cutting" schools?



#1 Jonathan 15-Oct-2009

Wow... That ad is pretty horrible.  Dirty Deeds is showing incredible desperation...  He'd probably do better if he stopped campaigning.

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