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Charles Johnson Wrote EVERY Comment At LGF

What other conclusion could you draw from his latest jihad against Hot Air commenters?

What's next, Charles? You planning on attacking Fox News for the opinions expressed by the guests they invite in for interviews?

Oh, wait...



#1 Robert Stacy McCain 14-Oct-2009

Charles comments:

Malkin has posted several times about open white supremacist Peter Brimelow, calling him a "friend." (emphasis added)

You need to screen-cap that one, Brian. It's so heinously irresponsible as to defy imagination. Peter Brimelow is not an "open white supremacist" by any construction of that phrase by anyone to the right of MALDEF (which views all opposition to amnesty as "racist").

The very fact that Malkin calls Brimelow a friend would tend to invalidate the accusation, as anyone except Charles Johnson would be sane enough to recognize. No two ways about it: He's nucking futz.

#2 captainfish 14-Oct-2009

from LGF commentor on your Fox News Link

I didn't think there was such a thing as a new low when you're already at the bottom

Hmmm.. Seems to me that Fox News is at the top of all time slots and all shows.

FNC beat CNN and MSNBC combined in total viewers and the 25-54 demographic in both total day and prime time.

• FNC was the only cable news network of the three to post audiencegains across the board when compared to the 2008. CNN and MSNBC weredown big in the demo.

• FNC ranked 3rd in prime time total viewers among all basic cablenetworks, behind only ESPN and USA Network, with CNN and MSNBC at 20thand 25th.

Go figure.  CJ and his ilk have seemed to turn anti-facts ruth of late.


#3 William Teach 15-Oct-2009

Finding nuttbaggery from Charles isn't even a challenge anymore. With folks like Sullivan, the DU, Kos, etc, one has to usually dig a little bit to find something really wacky. Standard loonacy can be ignored. With Charles, it is virtually every post that is nuttbaggery.

#4 captainfish 15-Oct-2009

Too true, matey.  Too true.

#5 Brian C. Ledbetter 15-Oct-2009

Well, you know what they always say... ;)

(Thanks for stopping by to share, Stacy! It's an honor to have ya here!)

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