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Shovel-Ready Jobs Fill DHS Vending Machines

What did Obama claim as the empetus behind the $787 Billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act?

Wasn't it "shovel-ready jobs" on the ground

(Of course, this may not have been what he envisioned.  But then, THIS IS due to global warming, dontchaknow.  Leave it up to the Kommisars to put things in perspective!)

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When did a shovel build this?

First Lady Michelle Obama visited the headquarters of the Department of
Health and Human Services in Washington Tuesday. She devoted much of
her talk to "the growing threat of obesity, particularly childhood
obesity" in the United States, and she touted HHS's recently-announced
plan to spend $373 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment
Act on plans to, among other things, improve the healthfulness of foods
in vending machines

I don't know about you, but when was the last time you visited a DHJS-owned vending machine and wished that they dispensed brussel sprouts?  Seriously?  In what universe does the Department of Health control WHAT gets put in vending machines?  And if so, how does this create jobs?

Well, Michelle has the answer. Let's listen in....

The first lady did not discuss how such work might stimulate the
economy or speed economic recovery. But she had glowing praise for the
stimulus' role in fighting obesity.

AAaahhhhh.  Ok?  Well, then again, what does this STIMULUS funding do to improve our health? She continues:

"Congress and the president included $1 billion for prevention and
wellness programs
[ED: Guess our soldier's wellness is not part of that idea] in the Recovery Act," she told the crowd of cheering
DHS workers, "and that includes funding for initiatives that will give
communities the resources they need to address the obesity epidemic in
their communities.

This includes $373 million announced last month that
would be available for communities that put together comprehensive
to reduce obesity –- $373 million -- and that would include
everything from incentivizing grocery stores [ED: stores that only moved out due to selling bad food] to locate in underserved
areas; it could include improving meals at school [ED: So, the last 50 years of federal control has not done anything yet?]; to getting more
healthy, affordable foods into vending machines
; to creating more safe,
accessible places for people to exercise and play; and a whole lot

AAAAhhhhhh.  A whole lot more.   Now I am satisfied.

PORK.  The other anti-obesity, safe-park developing, vending machine filling white meat.


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