The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Fun Fact: The House And The Senate Both Have Exits On I-395


I spent the morning driving from Fairfax to Washington, D.C. (Literally.) When it rains around here—or snows, or fogs up, or is cloudy, or is .... well, you get the point—traffic backs up for miles, so due to our unusually wintery-feeling weather, I had the pleasure of spending 3 hours in traffic moving down 395 at a pace slower than a cyclist.

As you can imagine, that means I'm a little bit behind on what's going on right now. Now that I've gotten back to my comfortable cube down in my secret bunker in Dumfries, I am starting to get caught up, but the rest'll be a while.

Perusing through my top-notch favorite bloggers, I see that we have twin Richie Rich storylines today—One of the female variety, who confuses being full of herself for "self-esteem," and another who just seems to enjoy scaring the Bejeebers out of everybody (Can we add this to the list of "Rule 5 Don'ts," o Master of the Rulebook?)

The only thing that's missing from this whole mess is a fresh lawsuit from the ninja-est lawyer of them all: J. Lee Riches©—though I hesitate from calling him by name, lest he thusly decide to sue yours truly.

Oh, and look! The Muslims across the pond are beginning to seriously contemplate tossing the Crown out in England?

Guess it can't be any worse than what they've got with Labour.

Anyway, until I'm finished getting caught up, here's one of the photos I took of Creigh Deeds' idiotic new signs. Leave it to a dumb-..... Democrat to classify a $480 million budgetary increase as "cutting."

Which reminds me—I really do need to get out and do this Gonzo Photojournalism stuff more often. (Photo above available upon request.)


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