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Stalking And Degeneracy In The Scientific-est Blog Of All

Pirate's Cove points out a very unusual comment posted by "Robert Stacy McCain" on Protein Wisdom that, lo and behold, became a feature story on the World's Most Scientific And Anti-Nazi Blog.

As Teach points out, it doesn't sound like RSM's style. And considering the disturbing habits of LGF's readers, it wouldn't surprise me in the least to discover that this wasn't really Stacy at all.

I've e-mailed the source to find out—and can't wait to hear his inevitably loud reply.



#1 forest 17-Oct-2009

I just realized Marshall Thudering Herd fans are all Nazis!  They got a 39 yard reception, and shockingly, the mask came off and the fans used Nazi salutes in celbration.  I always suspected those folks from Southern WV of all being racists, but now I know, man.  Now I know.

I better report this to Charles right away.

#2 forest 18-Oct-2009

My wife now tells me those were hand signals for something called a "first down", and the people aren't necessarily Nazis, but I'm still suspicious.  

Gotta go, the voices are telling me to check the cache on some wingnut blog posts and sort through some IP addresses of people who've been lurking my site...

#3 captainfish 18-Oct-2009

Forest.  You don't fool me.  You are a closet Nazi racist right-wing extremist blogger.  The clue -

...your wife knows more about football than you, a man, do.

100% pure giveaway.

(your IP has been reported to Rooster.  Don't make him come after you.)

#4 forest 19-Oct-2009

Where's good ol' Rooster been lately anyway?

As for the football, I don't have time to learn football because I'm usually watching self-indulgent 1980s jazz fusion clips on Youtube or taking pictures of piers and metal railings.  At least that's what I do when I'm not exposing Allahpundit and Ed Morrissey as Nazi lovers.  They've kept of the "atheist libertarian" and "respectable family man conservative" routines pretty well over the years, but I'm gonna get 'em!

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