The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

You Are Speaking With An Art-eest!

Krumpin' (2009), by Brian C. Ledbetter.

Seeing that the infamous Democratic propagandist Shepherd Fairey has landed in a spot of trouble, I feel inspired to create this new work of art. It's a study of a prior work by Fairey, but with colors that speak to the soul more ably in these strange times that we live.

The blue of depression, combined with the gold of money leads the viewer to conclude that there's positively no hope for anyone except for the government's elites—all of whom happen to be pocket-lining Democrats.

I hope my fresh new composition inspires you to create your own works of art—If it does, feel free to post them down in Ye Olde Comments section. We've got plenty of room for more, because I really do hate hogging the spotlight.

What can I say? I have a passion for the arts!



#1 captainfish 18-Oct-2009

Brian, (sniffle) you made me return to (wimper) my childhood days when my mother would (sniffle, huff) sit by her window, while the morning sun shines through the northwestern window of our A-Frame house, and sit for hours upon hours painting what she felt in her heart.  She would paint the most awesome paintings.  I would sit at the table eating my bacon-covered bacon sandwich, slathered with bacon sauce, and wastch her paint till her fingers bled.  It made the painting come alive.

I still weep everytime I think of that moment.  That was also the day she went crazy and bled to death.

Your art reminds me of that day.


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