The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

When Radios Were Quaint

Remember when we had these boxes that were able to send out music for free?  They used to call them radios, I think.  Somehow, they grabbed the music that was delivered from RIAA, FOR FREE. 

People used to walk around with these boxes and listened to RIAA's music for free wherever they went.  They allowed other people around them to listen to that music without paying extra listening fees.

They even had these devices built in to their pre-ban hydrocarbon vehicles. 

Fortunately, judges in 2009 saw fit to save us from that world.  A world with people bent on destroying their planet through the burning of fossil fuels and un-copyrighted music.

You know, I find it rather odd that the RIAA et al, are going after people and their ring tones when people have free broadcasting devices in their vehicles, their homes, and online. 

When will these people realize that copyright laws need to be fixed, not expanded.  Copyrght should only be used to prevent you from selling media that is not your own.  It should NOT be used to prevent people from listening.

If this goes through, say goodbye to radio.


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