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The Fusion Of Photography And... Paint?

Vanderleun points us to this artist, who claims to be responsible for creating the following portrait with a paintbrush.

Honestly, I find that a little bit hard to believe. But hey, if it's true, then Dru Blair just might be the greatest painter in history.

Update: This is the last "painter" who really impressed me. Whoever said conservatives weren't interested in the arts? ;)



#1 Jewels 22-Oct-2009

Actually it's not all that surprising. There's a whole genre of artist out there who paints like that- it's called "photo realism". Check out this artist on Flickr to see some more examples.

#2 Yishai 22-Oct-2009

He uses an airbrush, and it's just amazing.  his aviation paintings are also quite thrilling.

#3 captainfish 23-Oct-2009

Hmmm.. Paint by the numbers, using a projector, and erasers and exacto knives?

Still have not seen how he can paint fine hair, shiny teeth from a camera flash, blurriness from out-of-focus parts, ultra-clear-fine deliniations.

Aint buyin it.

yep, i'm a noob.

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