The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

The New York Times Is Raaaaacist!

It always amuses me when their automated system selects us for linkage. It's something like checking your mail in the afternoon to discover that, lo and behold, someone's left you a package that says it's got awesomeness and joy in it, but when you open it up, the only thing you find is a pile of rocks.

Not that rocks aren't fun... 

In today's story about some dull visit Barack Obama made to an elementary school, Blogrunner decides to link to our story about burning Barack Obama in effigy. (Keep in mind that Snapped Shot was merely reporting on said burning; We try not to advocate any sort of burnination before noon.)

But seriously—You really can't improve upon the randomness of chaos theory, can you?

Anyway, I can only imagine how fantastic the loving e-mails I'm gonna be getting tonight from disenchanted Times readers is gonna be...



#1 captainfish 19-Oct-2009


You spoiled the surprise.  You just had to peek didn't ya?

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