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Newsflash: The EPA Destroys Jobs

You'd think that people would be used to hearing that, considering that the environmental movement has singlehandedly destroyed farming and manufacturing and green jobs and pretty much any other productive industry our nation used to have, but for some reason, there are some who still can't seem to put two and two together.

So, consider this latest story from Michigan, wherein the communist EPA dictators are hard at work destroying Michican's economy even further:

Federal efforts to clean up laker emissions are fueling a heated debate throughout the St. Lawrence Seaway.

“It’s a threat to the economics of shipping on the Great Lakes,” Adolph Ojard, executive director of the Duluth Seaway Port Authority, said of rules recently proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The EPA wants to wean older lakers off their diet of inexpensive No. 6 “bunker” fuel to reduce sulfur levels 50 percent in 2012 and help prevent tens of thousands of premature deaths. The entire fleet would convert to low-sulfur marine diesel by 2015.

But lake carriers say the effort could backfire if it drives more cargo to trucks and trains, which burn more fuel and emit more pollutants per ton of cargo than ships do. And they say the transition may well shrink the fleet of freighters serving the Twin Ports and other Great Lakes communities.

Sure, in the simpleminded classrooms of America—from which our environmentalist leaders arise—it makes perfect sense to think of random industries as being completely isolated from the rest of the world—Reality, though, is another beast entirely.

Companies that find it impossible to manufacture products in America's regressive regulatory environment will manufacture in China instead. Companies that shutter farms here due to manmade drought will instead strip down rainforests in South America to grow their produce. Businesses that used to ship goods by boat will, once the boat's prices have been artificially inflated by Inside-the-Beltway nitwits, start shipping their products by cheaper means.

And, of course, environmental projects that are forbidden by state regulators will somehow magically get waived by the politicians who stand to profit from it, and be built anyway.

And thusly, our dimbulb-rich world continues to rot.



#1 forest 20-Oct-2009

You know what's bad for the environment? 

A collapsed economy. 

When people are impoverished, they tend not to give a crap about "sustainable farming" and things like that. 

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