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They Partied While Soldiers Died

It seems that the Obamassiah just doesn't have the time to consider whether our soldiers in Afghanistan need our support.  He has complained over and over that it is just not a simple decision.  Of course, his decision to defend our soldiers and give them the supplies that they need to survive is now based upon how the elections in Afghanistan turn out.

That would have been like leaving N Vietnam's success up to the whether or not N Vietnam had a truly democratic "election".  Sorry.  It ain't gonna happen. 

The libs, dems and socialists all complained about former President Bush's decision to expand the war on terror to Iraq.  They INSISTED that the focus should be Afghanistan.  Candidate Obama even pledged to renew our focus there and "get Osama" once and for all.

So, where's the focus?  Where's the pull out of Iraq and a renewed vigor towards Taliban?  With the Taliban's efforts, destructiveness, and economic support growing in that region, this is no time to be dithering.

But now, his party's true nature has caught up with them.  They really can't be FOR a war when they despise war, guns, and the presence of military so vehemently.  Thus, the reason that Pres Obamassiah has given more time to dining, playing hoops with the boyz... and continuing with the parties.  This man has thrown more parties in his first 9 months than most presidents due their entire terms.

You know, with unemployment rates at 10%, the real unemployment around 20%, youth unemployment at 52%, some cities facing 34% unemployment, one wonders how this administration has the stones to continue hosting expensive dinner and music parties during this current economic hardship our country is facing.

But then, the Democrats are for the little guys.  Aren't they. 

Aren't they?



#1 Yiddish Steel 20-Oct-2009

The Man(churian) talked shit about the Bush Administration's focus on "The War On Terror" while Campaigning for the job of POTUS. Obama said repeatedly that the "real war" was in Afghanistan, and the U.S. should focus it's attention on fighting the Taliban. He's had 2 fukkin' years to think about this. Now, he says he wants to wait for the outcome of the Afghan Elections? Bullshit! He's a panty-waste, and the brave Men and Women deployed in Afghanistan are the ones taking even greater risks every day that Dear Leader drops the meat in the dirt.

#2 captainfish 20-Oct-2009


<pounding shoe on table top>

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