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Your Federal Landlord (And Other Tales Of Financial Woe)

Wow, this is an interesting one—Did you know that the Federal Reserve owns a shopping mall?

Me neither, but apparently, it's true. And the story surrounding how we got to this point makes for a really fascinating read. I won't spoil it for you, other than this amusing side note:

Noah Diggs, who had just successfully concluded a search for work here as a shop assistant, was surprised and somewhat alarmed to learn the U.S. central bank now owned the property.

"That is a bad thing, right?" he said, surveying the empty parking lot on a rainy morning in early October.

Could be, Noah. Could be.

Incidentally, this isn't an isolated problem. We've got a handful of nearly-dead malls here in our area, too, and down in Florida, and all over.

I personally blame Amazon, myself, but I'm biased. Which is exactly why I sit here writing all this stuff, you know.


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