The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

At Least You Have A Job

Or, at least you don't have an executive job.  If you are, your butt is one of the current bulls-eyes that the Obama administration is gunning for.

So, the federal socialist government took over your company.  So, they took away your bonuses this past year.  Hey, at least you still have your basic compensation, right?

Yeah... well....

The U.S. pay czar will cut in half the average compensation for 175 employees at firms receiving large sums of government aid, with the vast majority of salaries coming in under $500,000, according to people familiar with the government's plans.

As expected, the biggest cut will be to salaries, which will drop by 90% on average. Kenneth Feinberg, the Treasury Department's special master for compensation, also intends to demand a host of corporate governance changes at those firms.

Yeah, not so much.  So, you make $500,000 in annual salary.  Thanks to those people who care more than you, who are more intellectual, more fair-minded, more open, more diverse, more willing to make the necessary changes, your salary will now just be $50,000.

Could you imagine taking a 90% cut in your salary?  Would you put up with it?  Your benefit package has just taken a massive hit, with most of your buddies having to forfeit their bonuses.  Now, your salaries are toast.


LONDON -- Bonus payouts in the U.K. financial sector are expected to rise to £6 billion ($9.82 billion) this year, up 50% from a year earlier...

Yeah.  The US now sucks more than the UK.  Thanks to the changelings.  People in the broke and Socialist Sha-ria nation of Britain now earn more than you.

I bet you are feeling really happy right about now.  Aren't you?

You still OK with putting the government in charge of everything?  Couldn't happen to you?  Maybe it is time for a change?

One top executive at one of the seven companies under Mr. Feinberg's authority said the terms came as a shock, especially because they changed so suddenly. The compensation restrictions "were clearly much worse than what had been anticipated."

Outgoing Bank of America Chief Executive Ken Lewis will receive no salary for 2009.

Who DIDN'T see this coming?  Usually the liberals lie about their ultimate goals.  But this time, Obama has told you exactly what his plans are. 

How's that change working out for ya?

...some Citigroup officials on Wednesday dismissed as political posturing reports that Mr. Feinberg intended to slash pay packages by 50% or more. One executive described it as "a bit of a hoax."

Some of you people are really dense!!  Ok. I've had it with you.

You are on your own.  You voted for Obama.  You allowed your company to be nationalized.  He's all yours.  Now you can face the consequences.


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