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When What They Say IS What They Mean

In the past, the liberals would say one thing and then do another.  They promised freedom, liberty and change for the downtrodden and minority.  Yet, the minority are still stuck in the muck unable to see their own freedom.  They had given up so much of that costly freedom away so that others could make their decisions and take away their responsibilities.

However, things have started to change.  The liberals and socialists now feel empowered to come out of their closets.  They now feel like they can tell people exactly what they plan to do without fear of being called..... liberal

That word now has been so eschewed in the media to carry near the same connotation as..... rascist.  "How dare you call that person a liberal.  They are not liberal.  They like people.  They care for the blacks and illegals.  They love America.  You are just using that word because you are a right-wing hate-monger."

Obama is the perfect example.  He would call himself a democrat.  He would not call himself a Liberal Socialist-Marxist.  No matter how many industries he nationalizes or how much money he confiscates from your wallets.  He is only a common, decent democrat American trying to earn his keep.


Anyway, as I was saying, these new marxist democrats now feel no shame in telling you what they plan to do once they get elected.  Why?  Because they know that their predecessors have so brainwashed this nation over the last century as to prevent the populace from being able to foment one single solitary independent thought.  Let alone develop a comparitive analysis of a candidate's future plan versus what is allowed by law and the US Constitution.   Thus, the new democrats have no fears.

For example:

Yep, skyrocketting electricity rates is good for the economy.

Part two..

''My plan will bankrupt coal power plants and that money will be used to subsidize alternative energies.  And that is good for the economy.'' 

They have told you what their plans are.  And you still voted for these people.  Don't come crying to me when your electricity rates jump 500%, your tax bill is up 300%, and you are forced to sell all you have.

How do you think that will then in turn affect those industries and their ability to keep people employed?

Then, when no one is working, unemployment nearing 30-40%, will you be likely to vote Democrat again knowing how their plans of "soaking the rich" has helped you to learn to live on the street?

Or, will you finally awake, open your mind, and then vote for people who will remove burdens from freedom?  Remove barricades to capitalism?  Remove confiscatory and punishing fines, taxes and fees to entrepeneurism?  Will you then vote for candidates who believe in the words of the Constitution that speak of a controlled and limited government?

Or, will you still vote for change?


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