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Innocent bystanders?

The press has had a field day as of late, describing Israel's intrasingience related to the "Palestinian" borders and their rejection of Obama's diktat as unconscionable offenses.

I wonder, though, whether the press has really thought the issue of international relations in the middle east all the way through. Take this photo above, for instance -- These children are being raised to want military conflict with Israel, and they are undoubtedly being taught by their parents, teachers, and imams that the destruction of Israel is God's will.

Given that proposition, how in the world does one make "peace" with that?

If the population of every nation surrounding Israel, a tiny country not even the size of Delaware, wants nothing more than to destroy Israel, how in the world would anyone expect Israel to act?

"We know you want to kill us and all, but can't we all just get along???"

The answer to that question, which eludes clueless flower children to this day, is sometimes a simple, "no."

Lebanese children dressed in uniforms take part in a Hezbollah rally marking Resistance and Liberation Day in the Lebanese village of Nabi Sheet, in Bekaa, May 25, 2011, commemorating the 11th anniversary of Israel's withdrawal from southern Lebanon. Lebanon's Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said on Wednesday most Syrians still backed President Bashar al-Assad and the removal of his regime on the back of mass unrest would serve American and Israeli interests. The picture in the background depicts assassinated Hezbollah Leader Sayyed Abbas al-Musawi. REUTERS/Hassan Abdallah (LEBANON)

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